The Mass








Introductory Rites


 Portion of the Mass Reference Verses  in Revelation   
Sunday Worship  1:10   
High Priest

Priesthood of the Faithful





1:6; 20:6




Antiphonal chant  4:8-11; 5:9-14; 7:10-12; 18:1-8   
Altar Incense Vestments         Consecrated celibacy

Lampstands (menorah)


8:3-4; 11:1; 14:18; 5:8; 8:3-5; 1:13; 4:4; 6:11; 7:9; 15:6; 19:13-14 14:4

1:12; 2:5


Sign of the Cross  7:3; 14:1; 22:4   
Blessing  1:3; 14:13; 16:15; 19:9; 20:6   
Penitence  Chapters 2 and 3   
Gloria  15:3-4   
Liturgy of the Word


  Part of the Mass Reference Verses in Revelation   
Prominence of the Virgin Mary  12:1-6; 12:13-17   
Book or Scroll

Reading From Scripture





Chapters 2-3, 5; 8:2-11




Alleluia  19:1,3,4,6   
Intercession of angels and saints  5:8; 6:9-10; 8:3-4   





Liturgy of the Eucharist




  Portion of the Mass Reference Verses  in Revelation  
Eucharistic Host  2:17   
Chalices  15:7; Chapter16; 12:9   
Lift up your hearts  11:12   
Holy, Holy, Holy  4:8   
Great Amen  19:4; 22:21   
Lamb of God  5:6; entire book   
Marriage Supper of the Lamb  19:9; Chapter 17   
Silent Contemplation  8:1   
Devotion to Archangel Michael

Worldwide/Universality (catholic)










16 thoughts on “The Mass

  1. Uhmm sound good so Catholic mass deny Jesus Christ one time sacrifices by claiming that Pope can forgive sins actually no one can do that role other than Jesus himself And for him to die on the cross was enough we don’t need mass

  2. No, there’s only one Mass, that’s the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Whenever/wherever we are, when we go to Mass, we’re participating in a mysterious way in the very same action, Jesus dying on the Cross. Remember God is outside of time, and so when we worship God, we join our voices to all those through the ages who have worshipped Him.

  3. No, we digest Him when we consume him. But yes, it really is Jesus. In the Exodus, what were the things that a Jew must do to prepare for the Passover?

  4. Do your pope, cardinal and priest have power to make Jesus come down over and over to become bread and blood if is true Catholic practice canibalicim because they eat human flesh

  5. Well they don’t make Jesus come down. They ask Him to. And it’s only cannibalism if you believe Jesus was only human. Since He is divine, it’s not cannibalism.

  6. I’ll bet that we read more of the Bible every day than you do. In fact, just the average Catholic sitting in the pew listens to about 65% of the Bible over a 3 year period, and those who go to daily mass hear 80%. And those that pray the Divine Office get 100%.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church comes directly from Scripture, and from Sacred Tradition. Can you tell me something in the Catechism that contradicts Scripture in any way?

  7. It’s not false. Can you name the scripture your church read in worship last Sunday? How about Sunday three years ago? I can.

    The only thing the Church did with anything pagan was to take pagan acts and make them Holy.

  8. I don’t believe you worship God at all times. No human does or can. But you skirt the question. Name the scriptures you read at your worship service two years ago.

  9. Dear David

    So you agree that Roman catholic take all what they do from paganism because you said that they wanted make those rituals holy?

    Here what I learn Christ’s sacrifices not eating his flesh,

    Mass is the core belief of Roman
    Catholics. During the Mass, Christ
    is mistakenly “offered up for
    sacrifice” over and over, which is
    in direct contradiction to God’s
    Word. This is summed up in the
    idea of Transubstantiation: the
    belief that the wafer and the wine
    used in communion, are somehow
    mystically transformed into the
    literal body and blood of Christ
    during every Mass, thus attempting
    to renew His sacrifice as often as a
    Mass is performed.
    God’s Biblical Truth: Jesus was
    only sacrificed ONCE for all
    eternity! “But this man, after he
    had offered one sacrifice for sins
    for ever, sat down on the right
    hand of God…” (Hebrews 10:12)
    “Nor yet that he should offer
    himself often… For then must
    he often have suffered since the
    foundation of the world: but now
    once in the end of the world
    hath he appeared to put away
    sin by the sacrifice of
    himself.” (Hebrews 9:25-26)
    “So Christ was once offered to
    bear the sins of
    many…” (Hebrews 9:28) “…we
    are sanctified through the
    offering of the body of Jesus
    Christ once for all.” (Hebrews
    “Who needeth not daily, as
    those high priests, to offer up
    sacrifice, first for his own sins,
    and then for the people’s: for
    this he did once, when he
    offered up himself.” (Hebrews

  10. Well, let me ask you this…Was there any holiness in the world before Jesus was incarnated? No, there was nothing holy in the world, because of Adam’s sin. So, what Jesus did was to take what was unholy and make it holy. This is exactly what the Catholic Church does. It takes unholy practices, sanctifies them, and makes them holy. This is exactly what Jesus did when he was baptized in the Jordan. He sanctified the water.

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