Right…for 2000 years

Our family is made up of every race. We are young and old, rich and poor, men and women, sinners and saints.

Our family has spanned the centuries…and the globe.

With God’s grace, we started hospitals to care for the sick.

We establish orphanages, and help the poor.

We are the largest charitable organization on the planet, bringing relief and comfort to those in need.

We educate more children than any other scholarly or religiousinstitution.

We developed the scientific method and laws of evidence.

We founded the college system.

We defend the dignity of all human life,and uphold marriage and family.

Cities were named after our revered saints, who navigated a sacred path before us.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, we compiled the Bible We are transformed by sacred scripture and sacred Tradition, which have consistently guided us for 2,000 years.

We are…… the Catholic Church…with over one billion in our family sharing in the sacraments and fullness of Christian faith.For centuries, we have prayed for you and our world, every hour of every day, whenever we celebrate the mass.

Jesus, Himself, laid the foundation for our faith when He said to Peter, the first pope, “You are rock, and upon this rock I will build My Church.”

For over 2,000 years, we have had an unbroken line of shepherds guiding the Catholic Church with love and truth, in a confused and hurting world. And in this world filled with chaos, hardship and pain, it’s comforting to know that some things remain consistent, true, and strong, our Catholic faith, and the eternal love that God has for all creation.

If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church, we invite you to take another look. Visit www.catholicscomehome.com today.

Ours is one family united in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

We are Catholic.

Welcome home.

© 2008, Catholics Come Home, Inc.



22 thoughts on “Right…for 2000 years

  1. It has not existed for that period of time at all. You are misrepresenting the truth Mister.
    I suggest that you repent.Get saved!!

  2. Have You,any proof either.
    Roman catholicism,was essentially caused by Constantine.Peter,never actually went to rome,anyway.Constantine,was losing power,because of the spread of Christianity,the empire was collapsing,so he made his brand of christianity,intermixed with mithraism,mother worship,astarte,venus,etc to make the state religion more easily swallowed,and made himself a different type of head of the new state religion,as pontifex maximus,only now he was a pretended convert to christianity.
    He was never christian,in reality,he murdered his wife and son later on,and at his death,still worshipped Sol,as his tutelary Deity.

  3. Caused by Constantine? No, try 300 years earlier, by Christ. Constantine merely legalized Christianity. If Peter never went to Rome, so what? Constantine’s predecessors were killing Christians. Since your first statement is wrong, I won’t bother with the rest-they’re wrong, too. I think it would behoove you to learn punctuation and grammar. The Roman empire was pagan, but Mithraism was a minor cult, and so was sun worship. I’ve heard your arguments before, and they carry about as much water as a sieve. If, in fact, Constantine murdered his wife and son, what does that prove? That he’s human? We’re all sinners, friend. I suggest you read a book. This one’s relatively thin-Why Catholics are Right by Michael Coren, a convert himself.

  4. catholcism has not been around for 2000 years at all, that statement cannot be backed up from any serious study of History..Constantine really started catholicism off, introducing paganism into its practices,…

  5. he stopped christians from being persecuted,after his false conversion,but when on to be responsible for the start of catholicism as we know it today.

    Constantine knew that his empire was collapsing because of christianity, and other things,so he married church, to the state,bringing about the monstrosity of catholicism as we know it today.The Whore of Babylon.

    he introduced all sorts of pagan practices, into christianity,and yet still remained a worshipper of Sol,
    (still followed Sol as his tutelary so called deity).

    In order to make it more palatable for his subjects,he just renamed the idols/statues of vesta,and others in the roman pantheon, etc,,, to be a part of the state religion, that he was the head of.
    even the Monstrance is a vestige of the worship of mithras etc,,

    That is the basic outline of the beginnings of catholicism, I used to be more up-to-scratch on it,but I am sure that if you investigated it properly, you would realise that roman catholicism, is actually the handiwork of satan himself, using people like constantine,the so called popes, and others,who were ignorant of the scriptures,
    {as most catholics still are} to propagate the lies and demonic doctrines of catholicism, and murdering Millions along the way,in order to deny the ordinary person access to the Scriptures….. as most catholics still are.

    I personally find catholicism to be totally nauseating,
    and the most perfidious,disgusting,abusive,murderous,genocidal,blasphemous, underhand, and hypocritical organisation this planet has ever known.

    seasons greetings, 😀

  6. No. He tried to, but the Bishops didn’t let him.

    Christ introduced pagan practices into Christianity. By doing so, he sanctified those practices. The World was pagan. Christ came into the world and made it Christian.
    Constantine had no power to rename pagan idols to Catholic. His only power was to bestow property to the Catholic Church.
    You have no idea how thouroughly I investigated Catholicism to find it the only realy Christian Church.
    Regarding your last statement, I guess you approve of Naziism, Communism, and dictatorships such as Pol Pot’s in Cambodia. They killed many millions more people that any 10,000 Catholics you might name.


    The catholic so called church is responsible for Hitler getting in to power,and of course I don’t agree with Pol Pots behaviour…but I am willing to bet that most genocides that ever took place,,there was a Jesuit involved somewhere.

    And at least Im not a member of a pedophile club, as the catholic church seems to be at the moment..
    even few of its adherents complain about it, for fear of what they call excommunication.

  8. there is no excuse for your so called faith though, and you really should be ashamed of being a catholic , and an idolater, mariolater, and biblically ignorant.

  9. I didn’t. You said that Catholicism is responsible for the most murder in civilization, and I refuted that statement. As for Catholicism being responsible for Hitler getting in power, that’s a lie. And so is your supposition about Jesuits.
    You may not be a pedophile, friend, but sin is sin, and you’re a sinner just like me. You need to study history as well as religion…you have it back-asswards.

  10. A couple of things David.
    1. I am completely annoyed by the fact that the very important work of the Augustinian Friar Gregor Mendel was left out of that list. It is such an incredibly important contribution to science, upon which most of genetics is based! I have the feeling though that the list is not your work and someone else’s so it would be wrong to correct this sad omission.
    2. Although spookchristian is like a small dog yapping at ankle in every possible way, ultimately trying to negate our Catholic faith from which his own faith has come, and for which he ultimately should have some sort of respect as his would not exist without ours first having been accomplished, his posts do cause me to chuckle as you tell him time and time again that we as Catholics don’t worship either Mary or statues. The outrageous lies circulated concerning a faith that they have purposely cut themselves off from is completely annoying because it is so very ignorant in the deepest and truest sense of what ignorant means… ie you are are telling him what the tenets and practices of the Catholic faith are and he is ignoring them. How can one learn anything at all when they only talk over you and never pause and listen to what you to say? And I think (because you asked “What say you???) that anyone in the large spectrum of what can be called “Christian” who purposely uses any religion as a weapon against others, has missed the point. Without love it is NOTHING!
    3. (okay guess its a few things not a couple)
    When you say you pray the Psalms every morning… what does that mean exactly? I have never heard anyone say that they “Pray the Psalms” in just that way. I think I too would like to take up the practice as they are one of the more beautiful and poetic parts of the bible. I think that must be a wonderful way to begin each day!
    4. Okay maybe one more thing…
    I think you should create an open list for other Catholics to add to that allows us all to highlight the important contributions of the Catholic Faith to humanity. That could end up AMAZING!
    I too am unapologetically Catholic!
    I focus my life on doing good works little or big for anyone I meet.

  11. Please don’t think that he’s left off the list, though his name may not be mentioned, he’s in our thoughts. That quotation (it is a quotation, so I can’t really change it) is a transcript of a television commercial. Spookchristian is what he is. I take him with a charitable frame of mind, and leave it at that.
    Regarding praying the psalms, you should look at a website http://www.divineoffice.org. It’s free, though you can pay for an app for your phone. The Divine Office is how the entire Church prays together. There’s 7 different ‘hours’, though praying any of them in the form provided is entering into that practice. The Rosary developed out of the Divine Office. Remember there’s 150 psalms? The Rosary originally had 150 decades. It’s how the laity joins the priesthood in prayer.
    You have started the list already. I invite anyone else to join with contributions.

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