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I am a 5o-something (not being coy, just don’t want to have to remember to change it every year!) Catholic convert living in the Bay Area, California.Β  I am a married man, empty-nester (though very involved with the grandchildren!), avid and devout Catholic, a database administrator by trade, discerning for the diaconate.

I am reachable at dthayer(at)firstrepublic.com


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26 thoughts on “About me

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  2. uhm. hi sir. i’m that 17-year-old girl who asked something about the secret of our Lady of Fatima. First off, thank you for taking time to help me out. i’m just a little confused and paranoid about things. and i don’t really know how to contact you since your page is a little bit confusing with all the links and stuff or maybe i’m just really slow.

    anyway, thank you for helping me out. i didn’t even know someone would actually read that post.
    thank you and i will do what you’ve told me. although i have a few more questions sir. if you have time sir, please read this


    Thank you sir. God bless you.

  3. David, I can see that you are a genuine believer. I hope (and it certainly looks that way) that your strength of faith is good for you and those around you.

    With respect to Catholicism and science, I am sure there are good catholics who are good scientist. It is hard for me to think of catholics as any better or any worse than any one else of another faith.

    The problem I see occurs when Church dogma overrides science (scientific process). Galileo and Copernikus, both believers were impeded in their work when findings did not fit accepted opinion. More recently genetic research, particularly stem cell work, has been impeded at catholic institutions.

    The world today is big enough that Catholic dogma can be confined to those who wish to be controlled and not impact the main stream of science.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site

  4. Z, (may I call you that?) there are some issues with what you say about Catholic faith, especially modern Catholicism. Copernicus was never impeded, and Galileo was only impeded when he tried to imply that the Bible was wrong. Nobody ever stopped either one of them from teaching their findings as a theory. The issue was that they could not prove it empirically. The sticking point was how to reconcile scientific finding with the Bible. Today we understand full well that the Bible never talks about scientific events and science should not cross the line into religion. They have different purposes-the Church tells you how to go to heaven, while science tells you how the heavens go. πŸ™‚
    Regarding stem cell work, only with regards to embryonic stem cell research, and only because you kill a human being when you use embryos to get stem cells. We also have problems with experimenting with cloning humans. I know there are fundamentalist Christians who believe in flat earth, young earth, and strict creationism, but most Catholics know better.

  5. Tito David, i have a question (more questions on the latest post on my blog. Didn’t Jesus tell us to proclaim and share the gospel? How are we supposed to do it when people cringe and cower away at the mention of his name? 😦

  6. I’ll come over in a minute…
    Your only requirement is to keep faithfully proclaiming Jesus’ gospel, even if nobody wants to listen. Jesus expects action, but not necessarily results. Saint Augustine said “Right is right, no matter how many are against it, and wrong is wrong no matter how matter how many are for it.” Jesus told us to proclaim the gospel “in season and out of season, convenient or inconvenient.” Sometimes you should start lightly (you know you get more flies with honey than with vinegar), and work your way down. There’s a book I use about apologetics from reason. It’s called “Handbook of Catholic Apologetics” by Peter Kreeft. It’s very deep, but shows how you can start without ever mentioning the Bible, at least in the beginning. Another good one is the item I blogged this morning. Hardly mentions the Bible…I hope that helps.

  7. Looky, looky….I see my button on the sidebar! Not showing up properly though. πŸ˜‰ Anywho, I tried to subscribe to your RSS Feeds and it doesn’t work. It just opens up a window asking me to save some sort of word document? Any chance you can fix that? I like to read my fave blogs on my Kindle via feeds. Can’t miss your posts! Although I have subscribed via e-mail already, just in case. πŸ˜‰

    By the way, how’s the diaconate thing going? Still on schedule?

  8. Sent you an email…if you don’t get it, let me know. I don’t do very much on social media other than blogs…

  9. Actually haven’t started the diaconate yet…hopefully next year. I’ll see what I can do about RSS…I use the free version of WordPress, and it’s not very good for using embedded links…I might just put your website in the title and see what happens…thanks for reading. Update: Actually, I was the one who wasn’t very good…I got it to work now, and the RSS…Yay! Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Have you considered faith in christ, as a viable option, as opposed to mary…
    I cannto understand how you seek to justify so called prayers to mary, from scripture.
    When i say scripture, i refer to the King James bible of course.
    can you give any verses that would illustrate the assumed validity of this babylonian teaching please??

  11. My faith is in Christ. There is nothing in Catholic ‘rules’ that states that we must pray to Mary. The concept is called intercessory prayer. If I have a worry and I ask you to pray for me, that’s intercessory prayer, and I’m sure you would do so. We ask Mary to intercede for us in our prayer, if we pray to Mary, and we’re sure that she, being the Mother of God, will do so. Our veneration for Mary is because she said Yes to God’s request (Luke 1). Intercessory prayer is all in the Epistles of St. Paul.
    What Babylonian teaching?
    I have high regard for the KJV of the Bible, but it is only a version. The Latin Vulgate is a beautiful version, as is the Dhouay-Rheims Version. Your Bible has left out a few books, it seems…

  12. Intercessory prayer by the living,NOT the dead in Christ.
    Necromancy is the only description that,I can give,to what you say your doing.
    I will certainly pray for you though.
    My pleasure.


  13. IT’s only necromancy if you believe that our souls die when our bodies die. Catholics believe our souls live on, whether in hell or heaven, after our bodies die. Also, our bodies will be reunited with our souls when Christ returns.

    Mary is alive in heaven, as are all the Saints, along with God and Christ.

  14. There is NO mention,in Scripture,of Mary,or any other Christian being in heaven.
    John had a vision,revelation of heaven,.
    The resurrection has not occured yet.
    Every Christian is a saint,if you read the beginning of most of he epistles.Colossians e.t.c
    There was NO so called pope around then,to decide who is a saint.
    At Christs return,all will be changed…those that are dead or alive at his return,will be resurrected,including mary of course.

    I genuinely think that really need to reconsider,as to whether roman catholic dogmas,are genuinely to be found in Scripture.

    So called prayers to mary
    Peter first so called pope
    Other doctrines too.

    You need to repent,get saved,and you need Christ in your life,and to be filled with Holy Spirit.
    You must be born again.

  15. The things that you are saying,are not found in Scripture.I do not believe that the soul ever dies.I am referring to the body.mary has now been dead for over 1900 years,her soul,along with all the souls of dead Christians are under the alter, see Revelation.

    There is NO scripture to indicate,that mary is in heaven before any other disciple of Christ.mary was a sinner,and had to acknowledge JesusChrist as Lord and Saviour,just like any other sinner.

    I believe you should repent of your false teaching,and get saved,and stop misleading other people with the material you are printing on here.
    Can you not find it in yourself to search the Scriptures properly,and see if your dogmas do agree with what the Bible teaches???

  16. Actually, Revelation 12:1 shows Mary in heaven, and the saints singing praises to God. John kneels down at the feet of the angel. It’s very real.

    Purgatory, Transubstantiation, the prayer we pray revering Mary, Indulgences, Peter are all scriptural. Mariology and necromancy are foreign to Catholicism.

    I was born again, thanks. I’m still working out my salvation.

  17. Well, we’re not speaking of bodies. Although Rev 12:1 speaks of a real woman, so Mary’s body is in heaven, along with Jesus, and Elijah and Moses.

    When Mary died, being Jesus mother, she went directly to heaven. She knew Jesus was her Lord from the beginning.

    Define “properly”? Waht do you mean search the Scriptures “properly”? And by what authority do you determine what “searching the Scriptures “properly” ” means?

    Also, when did the Bible become the only Word of God? Which came first, the Bible or the Church?

  18. If you’re going to throw out accusations of lying, why not show me where any of our doctrines contradict anything in Scripture? I mean Scripture doesn’t say that there will be embryonic stem cell research possible, and yet there is. It’s not in Scripture, though. If you want to talk about how we piece things together from Scripture itself, show me, in the Bible, where the Trinity is defined. For that matter, show me where the list of Bible books is in Scripture? How about altar calls-where’s that in Scripture? You say you believe in the Bible alone, mister, prove it by using the Bible alone to prove denominationalism.

  19. Welcome! Pull up a chair and have a read. I heard about the helicopter crash in Scotland. Prayers for all involved.

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