Al Gore says that Pope Francis could cause him to become Catholic

I don’t know where, exactly, I saw this, but Al Gore says he might become Catholic because of Pope Francis…

My comment-Whether you are in love with Pope Francis or hate Pope Francis, or any other pope, or person on earth, there is only one reason to become Catholic.  That reason is because you know that Jesus is really present in the Catholic Church, living in all the tabernacles and monstrances in the world.  He’s really there.  That’s why I became Catholic, and that’s why I will stay Catholic.  And while I’m not particularly fond of Pope Francis because of his stance on several topics, marriage and the climate among them, one person could not get me to quit my Catholic faith.  I hope God will give me the grace to be Catholic, even if all the Catholics in the world fall away.

This point was brought home to me Sunday-the feast of the Transfiguration.  The priest presiding at Mass told me that the altar is also a place of Transfiguration, as was the mountaintop where Peter, James and John witnessed Christ as God.  Peter said, in all three Gospel accounts “It is good for us to be here.”  It is true at Mass too.  It is good for us to be there.  And if Christ could hide His divinity in a human form 2000 years ago, why could he not hide His divinity in the Eucharist as well.  The fact is, he promised he would, and the fact is, he does.  It is about time for us to realize it.

Over the last month or so, the Gospels have been about the seeds being sewn.  Christ here tells us that only about 25% of the wheat grows into 30, 60, hundred fold.  Only 25% falls on really fertile ground.  As I greet my confirmation students in a month or so, I will be asking them which category they will fall into…The truth is that, at any one time we all fall into one of those four categories, or some combination of them.  At times our hearts are hard as the ground, at others, something softens us and we listen only to fall away.  At others, outside influences, like TV, sports, the sexual nature of television these days, the internet, or something leads us astray.  Please pray that we can spend more time than not, as the fertile ground accepting the seed and growing to our full potential.  Strive always to be the best-version-of-yourself.


What say you???

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