Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors!

I will admit to you, straight up, that I had not followed the NBA, other than watching some of the playoffs, since the 2015 season.  Mostly because, for the most part, they’re all so self-serving, selfish and only in it for themselves.  Look at Lebron James.  While he is a very, very talented player, he served himself in order to win a championship in Miami, then came back to Cleveland when he was powerful enough to dictate to the team as to who his coaches would be and who his teammates would be.  Fair enough.  But especially when it comes to ‘on the court demeanor’, I see Mr. James as an animal.  For the most part, everyone else is dogmeat on the court.  Off court, maybe different, though I don’t follow anyone off-court enough to know.

However, I do follow the Warriors, mostly because they have proved their humility and giving nature on the court, they are worthy to watch off-court.  Last year, when the Cavs won the Championship in unprecedented fashion, after the game they made a pit-stop in Las Vegas to party all night at a club where they had lots of demands (couched as requests) and spent a boat-load of cash.

Now, the Warriors have won the championship, and if you noticed, there was a lot of family and camaraderie. I am sure they will have a well-deserved party somewhere, maybe even in Las Vegas.  But what I noticed most was how each one pointed to the others, rather than taking credit for themselves.

And that, in sports, is very rare.  The San Francisco Giants are that way (though their season, thus far, is nothing to cheer about), the Warriors are like that, and not many other I can name.

Thank you, Warriors, stay humble.  Be humble.  Work hard, play hard, give the glory to God.



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