Why is the Left so hostile to the Duggars?

I don’t know the Duggars, I don’t watch their show, I have no vested interest, whatsoever.  I heard about something going on with them last week, but didn’t care to know more, until I watched Fox News last night, and found out what all the hullabaloo was about.

I mean, let’s face it.  An adolescent boy touched his own sisters inappropriately.  Outside their clothes.  They didn’t even know he did it until he admitted it.  I’m not saying that what he did isn’t wrong.  What I am saying is that the family dealt with the issue appropriately.  They had him counselled, they made him go to the police and confess it, and they set up rules in the home so it wouldn’t happen again.

What I don’t like about all this is the left’s reaction, especially LGBT types saying that the Duggars should not cast moral judgement because they, themselves, have morality problems.  I know that people hate it when someone condemns their own personal proclivities.  But just because one Duggar did something wrong does not mean that they can’t hold an opinion about the LGBT lifestyle.  One does not exclude the other.

If the Radical Left had their way, nobody could say a word about anyone else’s ills.  And that’s just not acceptable. Or possible.  Everyone has some sort of sin.

What say you???

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