Prepare for Holy Mass, people!

Several days, maybe more, ago, I posted about putting down the Missalette.  I’m here today to encourage you to go to Mass always prepared.  By this, I mean that you should know the feasts of your Holy Mother Church, at least make an effort.  Get a calendar of all the Saints, and know their feasts.  Read the daily Mass readings (or weekly) a few days in advance, and let them sink in.  Pray before you attend Mass.  Go early.  Don’t listen to the radio or watch the news before going to Mass.  Make it truly Holy for yourself.

I’m not bragging, because someone encouraged me to do this, but after dinner on Saturday evening, we start preparing for Mass, by not watching anything violent or disturbing.  Well, we don’t watch that much anyway, but we do watch the news regularly.  But Saturday evening into Sunday, at least until noon, we try to keep peace in our home.  I try to read the Sunday readings at least by Thursday.

I was talking to a relative and asked him if he ever read the readings in advance.  He said he didn’t.  He has them on his phone though…(I suppose that does his phone a lot of good, lol).  Anyway, I encouraged him to start reading them a couple of days before Mass.  You know why?  The lector or priest is not always a good reader.  So it’s good to know what he’s going to read ahead of time.  Secondly, if the lector or priest has an accent, you will know what he’s saying.  What if the church is noisy, or the sound system’s not working?  What if the Mass you’re attending is in a foreign language?

Lastly, I’ll use the analogy…If you were going to interview someone who is important to your life, wouldn’t you prepare for the interview?  Wouldn’t you read something about them so you would know what to ask?  Well how important is God in your life???  If he’s as important as you profess, you should be doing all you can to get to know him…


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