I finally figured out why Protestants can’t see what Catholics do…

Of course, not all Protestants.  And not all Catholics get it.  But follow my analogy…

Have you ever had the experience of going to the theater, or a concert, and you sit sort of to the side, but the singer or actor is in the center?  The stage is dark, except for a spotlight. From directly in front, the subject looks completely illuminated, but from the side, you see that the subject is not.  And you see the shadow.

Protestantism goes at Christianity from one place only.

On the other hand, Catholics see the entire thing.  The stage is lit, the actors are lit from all sides, and you see the color, and the radiance of what’s happening on stage.  You see the complete picture.  Catholicism gives you the complete picture.  Protestantism gives you only one side of the story.

Just remember that Catholicism means “from the whole”, sometimes translated “universal”.  If you study Protestant denominations, what you find is they took the Catholic Church, nipped here, tucked there, sliced here, diced there.  It’s like they cooked a complete meal, but forgot the spices.


What say you???

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