Been away a while

I have been away a while, I know.  Lots of things going on, and just couldn’t fit it in.

A few things…

I’m still pursuing diaconate formation.  It’s an uphill climb, because I’m a bit outside the boundaries of the requirements they’ve set.  At first, they were saying the Bishop decided this, and his mind is made up, but let the Holy Spirit work…I was thinking, for a while, to write the Bishop and ask him to let the Holy Spirit work, but then again, I thought, maybe He has.  So we’ll see.  I’m attending meetings. Please pray for my vocational discernment?

Secondly, I’ve been having treatments for kidney stones for the past year.  They don’t hurt cuz they’re not moving, and that’s the problem.  They’re too big to pass naturally, so they’ve been blasting them and letting them come out.  Unfortunately, there’s a log jam.  So, they’ve decided to go in surgically next month.  Please pray for me.  It’ll be my first surgery.

There have been several deaths around me, and the world seems like it needs our prayers, folks.  Just pray for the world!  Pray for those in Isis! I know that’s radical, but Jesus tells us to love our enemies, meaning sacrifice! A perfect thing to do in Lent.  Offer the sacrifice of prayer for those in conflict around the world. Also, pray for my friend’s daughter Lala who died of ovarian cancer at age 44.  And my niece’s father in law Bernard.

On a happy note, we spent our anniversary on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I did three scuba trips, one, my first night dive…with huge Manta Rays.  We had a great time.  Planning now for a pilgrimage to Spain sometime this summer.  Planning to visit Palma de Mallorca, the birthplace of Junipero Serra, Barcelona and Monserrat, and Santiago de Compostela.  Really looking forward to this…

May the rest of your Lent be holy.


What say you???

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