Back from a vacation

Well, I spent the last week enjoying nature in Hawaii.  I found it to be a great experience.  We arrived Sunday afternoon, and returned last night.  (I do not advertise that I’m going somewhere prior to me going, I hope you understand why…)

We went to the Big Island for our second time, the last being about 10 years ago, and boy, has that place, especially the dry side (Kona) changed!  Grown up a lot.  We did a day-long around-the-island tour on Monday, Tuesday went whale and dolphin swimming/watching. Wednesday I did a dive trip, Thursday, diving with the manta rays (wow!).  Kudos to Big Island Divers! Friday and Saturday I had some unhurried timelessness with my wife, taking her around to all the shopping places.  We experienced a few days of eating at a little place called Broke da Mouth dining and catering.  Anyway, I returned very well refreshed.

What say you???

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