Celebrating your baptismal day

Do you know the date you were baptized?  You should.  Just as your birth into the world is commemorated in some way every year, your rebirth as a new man should be, as well.

Our Lord demonstrated this, didn’t he? The Nativity accounts were written well after the fact (as was the Baptism of Jesus, but there’s a difference), and there’s question about the details.  But the Gospels all show us when Jesus began his Public Ministry-at the time he was Baptized, and the theophany of Jesus, the Father’s exhortation, and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit-and this was his (re)birth to the world.  Before that, while he was also God, he was not apparently God to those around him (except for his mother and foster father, of course-but they forgot in their own day to day lives and had to be reminded), but merely human.  After God spoke at the site on the Jordan, Jesus became manifest as  God in human form.

Thus, we should remember when we came into the world, and also when we were reborn.  If we remember these dates in our child’s lives and celebrate them as important, we can have a constant reminder of our faith.  Make it a special day.  Make First Holy Communion a special day as well.  Point out the milestones in your children’s lives, and you have a better chance of moving them into adulthood as Christians and Catholics.


What say you???

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