Lots of changes going on…

Good stuff, though.  Over the weekend my office changed locations by about four blocks. That’s good.  I get a little better walk to and from my bus every day, well, every day I have to commute. Because the other great thing going on is that I only have to commute twice a week, most of the time.  Because of some lifestyle changes, such as my searching for ways to walk, my wife takes me to the bus in the morning, but I walk 1.5 miles home every evening that I commute.  So I save on parking, about $750 a year, and I save on commute costs, another $700 a year.  My office is a bit further away from the bus station now,  So instead of a mile round trip, I get 1.6 miles.  Looking for other ways to work walking into my day, because I will not walk just for the sake of walking-I must have a destination and a reason to go, I walk to daily Mass 2 days a week, weather permitting, for a round trip of 3.1 miles.  My weekly trekking, for a normal week, will now be about 11 miles a week.  And when weather gets better, I’ve taken to walking to Mass on my lunch hours in the city, another 1.6 miles, to make it almost 15 miles a week.

I need this to stay healthy.  I’ve lost 30 lbs just by incorporating these relatively short walks into my routine.  However, I have a couple of large kidney stones inside me that keep me from doing the longer distances, because I used to trek through the city for an hour at lunch, but cannot do it now.

So another change coming up…I spoke above about my kidney stones.  I’ve been having some treatments to try to break them into small sizes so they’ll pass, but now there’s a traffic jam inside me, and the urologist is going to go in with a laser to try to break them up further.  Just the thought of passing an instrument upstream, so to speak, makes me glad for anesthesia, but I’ve been through 5 treatments, now, and not even half done.  So this wiil be my last non-invasive treatment.  We’ve decided to go through percutaneous removal of the stone I’ve nicknamed Maui (because it has a small part and a large part).  This we will try to do in February.  Please keep me in your prayers.

On another note, As of October, I’m a great-grandfather.  My oldest granddaughter did things right (by getting married first, then pregnant) (though she did it behind the scenes and not in a church), and has a child.  He’s beautiful, I must say.

Some may be wondering what I’m planning on doing with ministry.  Honestly, I don’t know yet.  I’m still seeking.  I know my parish priest needs help with some things, and I’m going to help where I can.  I’m exploring third orders.  I was talking with a priest at dinner last night and he told me I was wise not to try to get around the requirements, cuz one of the things they’re looking at is obedience.  And I know a case of someone who was placed in a diaconate discernment program by a Cardinal, and as soon as the Cardinal was called to Rome, vacating his diocese, they pulled the plug on the person.  Politics in the Church is ugly, and I don’t really want to be involved in all that.  I just want to teach the faith to those who need strength.

Anyway, Happy Advent, everyone.  Happy Feast Day.

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