A little sad, but still thankful

First, I want to thank God for all my blessings, and for all my challenges.  I’m thankful for my job, my family, my Church, and my faith.

I found out yesterday that I am no longer eligible to discern for the diaconate, due to age.  It makes me sad, because ever since I became Catholic, about 10 years ago, I’ve felt called to ordination.  I was Catholic 7 years ago when they announced a deacon formation program, and asked, and was told I would have to wait for the next class.  Fine and well, they offered a program, essentially for pre-deacon formation, which I spent lots of time and effort on to be ready.  Usually, when one class ends, another begins, and that was not the case, this time.  They waited two years, and it aged me out.

Now, I will need to find another way to serve.  Oh, I will.  Rest assured.  God wants this from me, he’s just not making it easy. I never suspected that he would.


2 thoughts on “A little sad, but still thankful

  1. The Risen Lord has greater plans for you and through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit you will end up doing the will of Our Heavenly Father.

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