Ariana Grande leaves Catholicism

And all I can think is “so what?”  Then again, I still must pray for her, because she is very…misguided.

Pretty girl who entertains by doing very suggestive videos.  She wasn’t exactly living a Catholic public life, who knows about her private life?

The story is out that she left Catholicism for Kabballah (sic) because the Catholic Church wouldn’t approve of her brother’s homosexuality.  OOOOOOKKKKKKKKK!  I wonder if she believes the Church should change because of her brother, or whether the Church has a point?

What is “the Church” to do??? Should we allow everyone to just party hard and do whatever we want to? Because God understands???  The truth is that we’re supposed to control our urges.  Even the good ones.  Drinking water is a good thing, but you can also kill yourself drinking too much water.  Same is true with milk or alcohol.  So we must use everything the way it was intended for use.  When we misuse things, they become corrupted. Ever used a knife for a screwdriver? You’ll dull it pretty quick and it will eventually stop cutting well, or you’ll break the tip.  The same thing is true with our vices.  Too much sex or improper sex is wrong.  If you let sex control your life, it’s wrong.  But sexuality is a good, beautiful thing.  Food is a good thing, too, but gluttony is bad.  Unfettered spending (above your means) is a bad thing.  We have to control our urges.

This week, in the spirit of the World Series, I was looking on line to support the team I’m rooting for.  I went to the online store and found shirts for $20, 50, 100, 250, and one autographed game jersey for $1200.  Who wouldn’t love to have that jersey? But I will control myself and look more closely at the T-shirts and the like.  Being in control, with God as my pilot.

Ariana seems to want to have a hip-hop lifestyle, and that means all the goodies-twerking, hedonistic sex, drugs, and dance.  I don’t know enough about her to know which of them she’s into, but I’ve seen the way she dresses, and can guess.  On top of that, having a homosexual brother is not, as I’ve stated in the past, the issue.  What he does with other men in the sexuality department is.  And if young Ariana knew anything about her faith, she’d know that.  If one priest told her that the Church didn’t love him, all she had to do was find a different priest.  It’s not that difficult.

4 thoughts on “Ariana Grande leaves Catholicism

  1. Not to be judgmental, but is she really Catholic? Unfortunately, millions don’t like the church’s teachings and traditions but Jesus gave us these and we can’t change them. I personally don’t want to mess with someone who can walk on water and raise the dead.

  2. I don’t know, Ron. The article claimed she was, and left. I take it at face value. But the media always tries to say the Church is wrong, and that’s the point-the Church is never wrong in faith and morals. That means it cannot change. The End.

  3. Other than EWTN I basically don’t watch or read the national news. I do listen to Cardinal Raymond Burke. We have to keep praying!

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