Getting involved

My wife has often asked me why I want to be a deacon, and I’ve struggled a long time to come up with a way to describe my desire.  I think I may have gotten down to the root, however.  Over breakfast, we were talking about how Catholics don’t know this, and don’t do that, and do this and know that.  We discussed this Synod of Bishops going on, and how the media has tried to hijack the Synod by making it about allowing divorced and remarried people into the Eucharistic table.  And suddenly, it all boiled down to this:  People are not involved in their faith.  They get heavily involved in other things, but their faith? Nope.

I pointed out to my wife how the first many-years of our married life was less than involved, and how plain it was.  It was even so plain that the grass looked greener, to my secular eyes.  When we came to our crisis, the turning point in our marriage, I discovered that I had not been involved in our marriage.  I resolved to amend my ways, and in doing so, I came back to faith in Christ, and to Catholicism.  I decided to live my life involved in the things that are important.  God first, family second, everything else, after.  And as I fell in love with the Catholic faith, I knew I needed to always go deeper.  There’s just so much there!

So, being of the married vocation, and wanting to be deep in Catholicism, I found that the best way for me to get deeply involved in my faith was to study and study and more study, and then I found out about the diaconate.  A little more than 5 years ago, I wanted to be a deacon, but my being new to the faith was an obstacle.  The powers that be, and others, I guess, needed to see that this was still something I needed to be.  And it is-as strong or stronger than ever.

It’s pretty simple, folks.  Be involved in what’s important.  That might be different to people.  But know this: You cannot be a good Christian by going to worship services one hour, or even two hours a week.  It’s got to be a daily walk.  If you can’t walk with God some part of every day, one day God may just decide that he can’t walk with you.  In my case, I would call it, maybe, making up for lost time.  Maybe I want to worship more because of all my pagan years believing, but only when God was a vending machine-you know: put in your prayers, and out comes the result, a la Joel Osteen (heard now on Sirius XM, BTW).  It doesn’t work that way.  Especially in this media-frenzied world.  Have you seen the trash being put out by Nikki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and so on???  It’s easy to go for the candy, and the short term gratification.  Don’t think it hasn’t hit me…I just physically have to reject what’s invading my brain…


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