And the saga continues…

So, we’re trying a new parish.  This one is run by the Conventual Franciscans.  General impressions: The pastor can preach.  The physical church is beautiful.  It’s an older church, I’d say mission-style.  It’s one of the oldest missions in the Bay Area that’s not one of the California Missions.

One of the things I noticed was that the pastor told us that they had a group of people doing some work on the parish.  Maybe, something we can join in and do!  At least there’s a visible organization there, not a shadow one that’s coming out of the woodwork when someone tries to do something.

So after round 1, I’m going to meet with the pastor and talk about my desires, my place, if there is one, in the parish, and see if he will assist me.


2 thoughts on “And the saga continues…

  1. Find a church where you can see the Blessed Sacrament and sit there and keep quiet. The Holy Spirit already knows why you are there and just listen. Remember God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. The problem with this world is we all try to do as the old song goes “I did it my way”.

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