A parish I can work in, not so much

Well, I was so enthusiastic, but my wife has jumped in the way…Here’s what happened…

I’m not actually going to go into detail…let’s just say that politics got in the way, and my wife’s temper got the better of her, and she slammed the door on the pastor.

Not trying to step on anyone’s toes, but after a year at this parish, it looked like a dead parish.  The population was aged, very few kids, in fact, no evidence of any CCD or Confirmation, or First Communion.  Mostly just a funeral now and again.  When this pastor started, we started hearing babies during Mass.  We started opening the arms of the parish to new life.  But then the maintenance committee got into the act.  We didn’t even know there were any committees.  Anyway, at our own cost, we started doing stuff.  We had a plan, and the pastor said he wanted to slow down.  My wife got into an argument with him, there were human words hurled, and my wife turned our back.  And now we’re without a home parish again…

I don’t know how we’ll recover from this.  I may just have to keep it low until who-knows-when…God is telling me something, and I will keep trying to hear it.


7 thoughts on “A parish I can work in, not so much

  1. Well, “when one door closes another will open.” Seems to me your wife truly shut that door! Good luck and God Bless, SR

  2. it is hard to be the new guy- or guys. a word to the wise- the next one you join, just join and don’t stir the pot for a year or two- people do NOT like change; even if it was/ is for the better. Perhaps now your wife has an inkling how Our Lord felt with the Sanhedrin?

  3. It’s difficult to give you advice when I don’t know what the true issues are. In any case, be mindful to think twice before you speak or react – slow to anger and easy to forgive. Perhaps you and your wife will offer give this event up to Christ and reconcile with your pastor. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, we all must carry a cross in our lifetime. If you and your wife apologize, I’m sure your pastor will be forgiving and move forward; forgiveness one of the cornerstones of our faith. Things will work out; just make the first move.

  4. The problem is, there’s a slender window of opportunity for getting involved in the diaconate. I’m going to write another post on this. However, I’ve counseled my wife to just be one of the crowd, and not let politics get in the way…

  5. If it was me, I would go this route. I can work with anyone, and with Christ, overcome any issue. I could apologize, it’s my wife that couldn’t. In fact, if I couldn’t apologize, I’d have no business trying to be a deacon.
    See my next post, there is some positive, I hope.

  6. I have inquired about the diaconate as well in my diocese- it seems that the culture in ours is anti deacon; soo, I obey and wait. Many of us have been/ are going through what you are describing- I understand what it is like- do you have a KofC round table you could join close by? another rway to sneak under the rug is to get involved with lighthouse communications.

  7. I love the Knights of Columbus, but locally, I’m not very impressed. Many of the ones I know locally are apostate! Either married out of communion with the Church, separated or divorced. One I know pretty well is on his fourth. His last wife died, and he was able to receive Eucharist (his first marriage isn’t annulled), but he’s shopping for his next wife. He doesn’t care about the Eucharist! Regarding the diaconate, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I will find some way to serve, whether ordained or not.

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