Along with the effort sometimes comes tribulation…

I said, a couple of posts ago, that we were excited to be working, actually hands on, roll-up-your-sleeves working, in my parish.  Along with that comes considerable investment.  We give that freely, because we’ve been soooooo blessed.  But we negotiate, because it’s all hard-earned money.  We’ve spent something north of $1000 in the last month or so.  We got good bang for the buck, and in fact, we gave some plants we nurtured at home for years.

Sigh, and then someone comes along and messes things up.  Someone actually walked up to this planter, and yanked out a $50 bush, taking the trouble to plant something else there!  Who would steal from a church??? Well, they do.  A few parishes over, someone went in and ripped off the AC systems, apparently for the copper.  Twice.

At any rate, now we’re looking at security cameras.   I thought that city-parishes, like the one I’m in almost every day, needed security cameras, but I guess even in the boonies.

A bit discouraging.  And to think that last night there was so much enthusiasm at our parish council meeting.  The first one I went to a year ago, it was so dry! Last night people were actually talking about growing our parish, with enthusiasm.  Well, growing pains…ya know?

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