Finally, a parish I can work in!

Sometimes, patience pays…I’ve been a Catholic for 8 years, and have always been raring to take it to the streets, evangelize anyone I see, of course, with love.  But you know, sometimes it’s hard to ‘work in’ to a parish culture…Whether the meetings are convenient or during work, or whatever.  Sometimes, the structure inherent in a Catholic parish is hard to get into.  A little more than a year ago, we found a parish that is close by, and a good community at heart.  But a dying community.  The town is small, there is little industry, and because of it’s proximity, it’s hard for new people to move in.  So it’s an elder community.  And because of that, there is little or no CCD, or Confirmation, or RCIA, or Adult Faith Formation.  In fact, we thought that there was no maintenance, per se, and so we asked pastoral permission to do some work in the landscape, and suddenly, they all came out of the woodwork, so to speak.  We started a project, and ran out of time on the weekend, and on Monday, someone wanted to know what we were thinking…so when we explained, bing!bam!boom! the work got done in no time!

I don’t know whether it was the old priest, or what happened, but it happens to seem like there was a lack of systems in the parish, and things are starting to get done.  Last Sunday, we had a decided increase in attendance, and some children coming who need faith formation.

Prayers, please.  We’re growing this parish!


What say you???

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