Who wrote first???

In the homily, yesterday, our pastor mentioned, with some certainty, that Mark wrote first, Matthew and Luke came after.  While not detracting, at all, from the content of his homily, I wanted to comment on all this.

I’ve said before, on here, that I think there’s a reason Matthew comes first, Mark, second, and Luke 3rd, in the pecking order of the gospels.  People often wonder why the three gospels seem similar, and to answer that question, I guess I would just have to say that they’re about the same Person-Jesus.  That’s why they’re so similar.

While ruminating over writing about this, I thought of several examples to account for similarities, and differences.  Yes, both, at the same time.  They’re similar because they’re all about one person.  They’re different because the writers are telling the same stories to different audiences.

Example: Did anyone watch any sporting events this weekend?  Did anyone watch a supposedly neutral television crew exhibit any bias toward the opposing team?  You know, the one you weren’t rooting for?  I find myself, when I’m watching a game, sometimes asking rhetorically “Wait a minute? Which side are you rooting for?” when Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are announcing a game.  It’s true of any human reportage about any event-it’s impossible for someone to report any event without inserting his own bias.  So what about two reporters rooting for the same side to different audiences?  For example, in the US Open, Kei Nishikori was playing in the finals.  There were reporters from all over the world, and you can bet that the Japanese reporters were reporting for their native son.  But suppose there was a French reporter doing play by play, or even John McEnroe?  Would they report different? You know they would!  Even eye-witnesses being asked the same question by the same reporter won’t say the same thing, and if they do, you know something is wrong.

In the same vein, I started watching a 2-hour special on Stonehenge last night…anyone else watching?  I think it’s fascinating, but when they’re taking bits and pieces of rock, bone, or pottery out of the ground, how can we expect them to get the story right?  I watch these things, but often with skepticism, with the question foremost in my mind…”Were you there???”


5 thoughts on “Who wrote first???

  1. It was a holy weekend for me, filled with church-related activities. I wasn’t even aware of what was going on in OKC. That said, anything we do that is holy combats anything unholy, whether we know it or not, right?

  2. I know. I just wasn’t aware. The news, these days, I can only take so much. Weekends, I watch anything but news, so sometimes fall behind. I watched the homily this morning on EWTN, and they said that the holy hour was packed! I’m so glad. Meanwhile I watched a couple of football games.

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