Third attempt-Adrian Peterson

First, it’s a bad couple of weeks for the NFL.  The problem seems to be delayed reaction at the behest of public scrutiny, to several “news” items (news in quotes because they’re not news…).  But I want to say that there’s a difference in all the incidents.  Several of them included girl-friend beating or wife-beating, or woman-beating.  And one included disciplining a child.  And there’s the difference.

I’m not saying that any of them are bad men.  I think it’s hard for people earning a living in violence to really leave it in ‘the office’.  I also think that having loads of money affects people.  Nobody needs loads of money.  And sometimes, when you have loads of money, it’s hard to figure out what to do with it.  You can buy a nice house for your family members because they sacrificed to help you get where you are.  You can buy a big fish tank and be on television in the off-season.  But when all that bores you, you can go be an outlaw.  Speeding through traffic, out until 4 a.m., and so on.  And because you live your life in public, you have cameras all around, and any little mis-step can be filmed and exposed on TMZ.  No thanks.

At any rate, Adrian Peterson.  Adrian Peterson is one of the faces of the NFL, despite the fact that he has had seven children by seven different mothers, none of whom he’s married to. One was killed by the mother’s boy-friend, a child Adrian never met.  Adrian disciplined his four-year-old child, and granted, the child could have done with a spanking, and be done.  I don’t know, though, that he deserves to be indicted for anything.  I don’t believe he did anything criminal.  He made a mistake-he went overboard in disciplining his child.  My dad went ballistic on me once.  And there’s times I wish there was discipline in some of the kids I’ve seen.  Unfortunately, there’s not.

Family discipline is a private thing. Any adult looks bad spanking a child.  So it’s private.  That the public has pictures of the incident is…disturbing.

I really have mixed feelings about all this stuff going on.  I believe teams should hold their players responsible for their behavior.  I also don’t believe in ‘paid’ separation from the team.  And I believe that, if a player gets in trouble with the law, the player needs to inform the team, and the team needs to immediately remove the player from the roster.  And the NFL needs to enforce that, to a T.

I also believe that it’s time for Roger Goodell to step down.  His judgement is lacking, and he’s detracting from the entertainment of the NFL.  Being a player, or a participant in the NFL is something many people dream of, and it should be a privilege to be associated with it.  There needs to be a zero-strikes policy, based on some common criteria.  We also need to decriminalize the NFL.

I will admit, I’m short on what should be done.  Because it appears that Ray Rice told the Commissioner exactly what happened, and should be rewarded for his honesty in the face of some embarrassing circumstances.  I mean you pay for your crime, but maybe the NFL should pay for his counseling…There needs to be a system, though.   The NFL is not good for people who lack moral character.


5 thoughts on “Third attempt-Adrian Peterson

  1. My comment is this. I use to work in a prison and let me say this first, the only difference between the residents of the department of corrections and us is they got caught. We all commits crimes do we speed, change lanes without signaling, don’t report a litterer etc.? We are committing crimes which can be punishable by jail time. In your description of Adrian you described the lives of his children and seven different mothers. This is quite typical of prisoners most don’t know who their fathers are, their siblings have different fathers and the mother is usually on drugs. Having said this we must have compassion but in the same breathe the most detested prisoners by fellow prisoners and staff are those when it involves children. Jesus said suffer unto me these little ones. I would guarantee you if I see someone abusing a child or womping on a woman or any person being abused they wouldn’t be gently glided to the concrete as prisoners are. No abuse can be tolerated and a message must be sent to others this will not be tolerated. I would guarantee this, us not being celebrities would get as they say in the joint three hots and a cot.

  2. I agree, Ron, when it’s abuse. But where does the line get drawn between abuse and discipline? Part of the problem these days is that children are not disciplined, and I think some of that is because parents are afraid to discipline. That’s not to say that Adrian Peterson didn’t go overboard. He’s had 7 and one went overboard? The guy made a mistake. I believe counseling is in order for the first offense. It definitely should be documented…

  3. This is a missed opportunity to address abuse in a constructive way for the family involved. In an ideal world the child who was abused needs protection from the abuser — the parents and child all need counseling in order to make every effort to save the family unit and on-going observation needs to be done to ensure abuse doesn’t happen again. Sadly, with abuse being so prevalent and lack of resources being what they are we tend to see the extremes at either end of the spectrum meaning that abuse is either untreated entirely or the media uses it to their advantage and either way is a failure to protect children and show the importance of a family as God intended it to be, redemption and all.

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  5. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to this…I agree that the abusiveness has to be corrected. I don’t know if criminal action is warranted, which is where his case is going. And I’m not a supporter of his, not that you’ve suggested such. I think anyone with seven children by seven different moms needs spiritual help, too…

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