Northern California Shaker

The  earthquake near Napa yesterday morning brought together a bunch of events that happened to me which make clear that we’re only temporary residents of this planet…First, of course, was being nearly shaken out of bed at 3:10 in the morning.  The description is a bit exaggerated, though they said that the tremors moved the earth sideways about two feet per second.  But it did give us notice that the night was over.  Secondly, we attended a gathering for the first anniversary of the death of an aunt.  Third, related but not, we had plans to escape town this weekend, just for an overnighter, but found out that our new pastor’s 60th birthday is this weekend, and he’s planning to celebrate.

The first event shows us, in no uncertain terms, that we cannot even inhale our next breath without God being involved.  That earthquake shows the power of things in the universe.  Just watching the power of waves, or the timeless scene of the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, or the Rockies, and you realize that you’re just so small.  And temporary.  Attending any life event, be it a child’s birthday, a funeral, wedding, or ordination, and you realize, by who’s there and who’s not, that life is so short.  And then when you lay out plans (we even planned to go to Mass at a certain cathedral, and visit a mission in Central California), and some little thing gets in their way, if you’re listening, you, again, see the power of God.

Never lose sight of God’s Power.  See it everywhere it manifests.  And thank Him for it.  Even for something as simple as your breath or heart beat.


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