Giving your life part 2

Remember the other day, when I mentioned priests, and religious giving their lives, being dead to the world?  You know, the same is true about those who are married, too.  As a married person, I am dead, to the world.  I don’t dress for others, I don’t present myself, appearance-wise, to others, and I don’t seek the approval of others.  If I’m a woman, and I’m married, I don’t dress, make my hair, or makeup for the approval of others, or to get people to notice me.  My appearance is strictly for my wife’s approval.  If she’s happy the way I dress, wear my hair, etc. that’s all that matters.

I put God first, of all, my spouse and family next, my self last.


This includes giving my time to other endeavors.  So, if you spend time that belongs to your family to the internet, for example, or other things, is that right?  There can be a fine line…


The point is to devote yourself to what’s important, and if you’re married, shouldn’t that be what’s most important in this life?  If you want what’s best for your spouse, then help him/her attain heaven.  And do it to the best of your ability.  It might save you a lot of trouble, down the road…


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