Robin Williams suicide

Suicide, any time it happens, is wasteful, and, frankly, disgusting.  The reaction of his friends and family, and fans is honest, and we all love Robin Williams.  I didn’t love everything he did, but I know he did a lot of good, not only in his career, but in how he treated people.  But it’s disgusting.  All that talent, gone.  We’ll never have one like him.  Any human death is, frankly, wasteful of God’s providence.  I only hope that he was so ill that he wasn’t culpable for his action.

I highly recommend that people get off of idolizing public figures.  I’ve known priests who devastated large numbers of people by disappointing them-by being accused of doing non-priestly deeds, and when called out, not submitting humbly to authority and discipline.  In other words, not acting Catholic or priestly.  One, when he was accused, nearly tore apart the American Church.  Humans are always going to disappoint us.  They will scandalize us.  So take their talents for what they are, and enjoy them.  But it’s better to not get too involved.

I haven’t listened to anything Robin has done in a while, but I remember watching him faithfully, back in the day.  He WILL be sorely missed.  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord…

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