Telling the unvarnished truth

Had a discussion with a parishioner yesterday that almost got heated…thank my wife for biting my tongue.  I am interested in building our parish back, and first thing to say is, I may never see it.  I might plant a seed here or there.  And it might fall on fertile soil.  And I have some ideas to invite folks back to the parish, and even get some young folks coming. This guy made the statement that, while he doesn’t agree with any of those hot-button issues (abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriage) he thinks the Church has turned people away because of their harsh message.

I wanted to tell him that it’s a grave sin to not tell the truth.  That it’s a grave sin to allow people to not understand that what they’re doing is wrong.  To assist someone or enable someone in their sin is wrong.

That doesn’t mean you have to nag, or shake or wag your finger, or shun, or ostracize anyone.  But you have to let them know how you stand-they’ve let you know how they stand, whether you wanted to know or not, just by their actions, sometimes.  So, if it’s someone you care about, it is important for them to know that you disagree.  From then on, you need to be pastoral.  It’s ok to help a woman mourn after she had her child aborted, just as you would if it was a miscarriage.  But don’t tell her that she was right to have an abortion.  If you’re allowed, you can comfort her, and point her to a priest for confession.  If your friend is homosexual, and engaging in that lifestyle, or getting “married”, you can no more participate in that than if they were stealing, and asked you to hide their theft.  My wife wanted me not to argue with him, and I didn’t, for the sake of peace.

You cannot condone sin, though, and if your church does, then maybe you should consider another church-the one Truth.

Christianity has never been a popularity contest.  Christ Himself told people, in John 6 “Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you.”  And guess what? People who were faithful followers walked away, and went back to their previous lives.

It’s important to know Who is in the Tabernacle.  Without discerning that, you just don’t know what you’re walking away from…


One thought on “Telling the unvarnished truth

  1. Bravo, brother! and don’t despair; parishes have lives– look at the church in Corinth. new vibrant ones will emerge. If you could just see how faithful, vibrant and ORTHODOX the young Catholics are, you would not be so despairing. keep plowing as the old timers used to say; seed in dust, harvest a must.

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