Blessed to be walking

I’m so blessed that I’ve been delivered from a sedentary life of desk-riding.  I used to spend an hour plus each way to get to work, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted and unable and unwilling to move my butt.  I was shown a different path, and took it, and for close to two years now, my daily ritual is getting more and more active.  I started two years ago walking to and from the bus stop and to and from church, about 2 miles in total, in four segments.  When that pattern got too routine, I had to look for more of a challenge, so I found churches in the neighborhood I work in, and mapped them.  I found one church that’s almost a mile from my office, so I can get there, go to Mass, and back in a ‘lunch hour’.  That increased my daily trek to 3 miles, with a nice uphill grade of about 100 feet.  When the challenge diminished with that walk, I started looking at other things. There’s a steep hill available going to and coming from Mass, and I did that for a while.  When the church closed for renovations, there was a church down the street that I attended, which had a higher climb, to about 300 feet, and a bit longer route.  And now, a few days a week, I walk to church, then after Mass, I take the long way around, and tally 4 miles before I sit down for the rest of my work day.


I’m blessed, too, because I’m a salaried employee, and my production is what I get paid on, not by the hour…because it does take me about an hour and a half from the time I leave to the time I get back.  I encourage people to do something at lunch-time to get up and out.  For those who can’t, need to find a way to put motion into your life.  Because of all this walking, my doctor has taken me off of one diabetes medication, and reduced two others…


Added 5/28…

After all this is said, though, since I started taking more strenuous, longer walks, my knees have been acting up.  Doctor tells me he thinks I have osteo-arthritis.  Says I need to lose weight.  That’s fine, but I walk to lose weight, and without walking I won’t be able to lose weight, unless I quit eating…so I’m scheduled for an Xray, but in the meantime, I bought a brace to wear during my jaunts…and it is helping.  I put in 5 miles yesterday, and 3 more today.

What say you???

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