Global warming

First of all, I want people to understand that I believe that the climate changes.  Got it?  Yes, there’s climate change.  But that’s not really the question, is it?

The question is, what causes climate change? Do humans have anything to do with it? Can humans do anything about it?  If you look at the apparent signs, it looks like the universe goes through cycles.  Stars get hotter, stars get cooler.  Stars emit more radiation, and then less radiation.  We know that the earth was very hot and humid when the dinosaurs roamed.  We know that there have been massive ice sheets covering huge portions of the continents, enough to lower the sea level, and open a bridge between Asia and North America, about 100-160 feet in depth.  So, the climate fluctuated long before there were humans burning fuel.  But the fact is that everything on the earth has an effect on the climate. Cow flatulence, volcanic gasses, tides, clouds, and so on.  The earth is constantly changing, and there’s not much Man can do about it.

I watched an IMAX movie, you know, those kinds of movies that talk about scientific stuff, then toss “global warming” into the mix.  It was a 3-d one on underwater life.  I love nature.  I love tropical climates, and going diving to see all the gorgeous fish and corals God created.  And they were well-showcased in this movie.  But after spending a long time talking about how animals prey on other animals-corals and fish alike, along with mammals- how sea turtles love to eat jellyfish, and the way lionfish prey on their sustenance, the movie, which had an agenda, started in on how human interaction is raising carbon dioxide levels, and how we must do our part to stop climate change.  And, by the way, Jim Carrey isn’t a very good narrator, in my opinion…

So, to the questions above, the answers: We’re not sure. Maybe. Probably not.  We don’t know exactly why the climate changes, humans might have something to do with it, and humans may not be able, even as a body, be able to do anything about it.  The thing is, lots of science goes on about evolution, and how species adapt to the environment.  I think there’s something to be said for that, but if that’s so, then species that can and do adapt will continue onward, and those that can’t or don’t will go the way of the Mastodon, Saber-toothed Lion, and the Dinosaur.

What does the above say about how humans should live?  Even if I thought that humanity has no effect, in any way, shape or form, on the climatology of the earth, does that mean, by default, that mankind should not burn fuel more efficiently?  Consume less?  Humans should not try to encompass all the resources of the earth.  For one, this, I believe, is not possible.  Certainly, we could massacre all the buffalo and cause a species to go extinct, we could run a tanker aground and pollute a pristine coastal area for decades to come. In other words, we can cause lots of damage.  But we can’t cause as much damage as one tsunami wave can cause to a large portion of Indonesia.  Since we’ve already conceded that the universe changes, thus, the earth changes, thus change is God’s way, let’s stop it, already, on global warming.

You’re preaching to the choir, here, when it comes to conservation. It’s ok to encourage people to use less.  It’s not ok to encourage people to use less, then realize your revenue is being affected, and then raise rates to rake in more money.  So preach conservation.  Don’t kill what you don’t need, don’t be greedy.

Oh, yeah, in other news, there’s a group in San Francisco that wants to charge private shuttle-buses per stop to use already existing city-bus stops.  Why? Because they say that the shuttles, operated by high-tech companies, are attracting high-wage workers to the city, and driving up rents.  At the same time, there’s other groups that want to raise the minimum wage in San Francisco to $15.oo/hr.  So, it’s not ok for people to make too much money, whatever that means, and it’s not ok for people to make too little money, whatever that means…Face, meet palm.

One thought on “Global warming

  1. It is interesting that people who live in the cities seem to be the most intrigued about the weather- people who have lives that depend upon weather and climate are the ones who least complain and worry about it (climate that is). Ever since global warming has “come about” we have been getting cooler in MT. not what the computer models have predicted – plus the fact that the models never took into account the amount of O2 that is trans formed from CO2 by floating kelp beds and algae in the ocean- the world was warmer and wetter- and shall be again no doubt– get over it, folks!

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