More controversy

And I expect there will be more.  It seems like we just keep going up that road…

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the NFL held its annual draft.  It was pretty standard fare, and I didn’t watch the blow-by-blow. I tuned in for a few minutes every so often, just to see who my team chose.  That said, I confess that I don’t follow college football much, except for watching a couple of bowl games during the holidays.  But who didn’t know the names Johnny Manziel and Michael Sam?  Johnny Manziel is a hot-shot quarterback who had some good numbers.  He’s going to be a name in the NFL, if just as a starter for the Browns.  The other big name was Michael Sam, and he’s stirred up lots of controversy, and he’s the subject of this post, though not personally.

The first thing I need to clarify is that, while I think homosexuality is sinful (the acts associated with it, anyway), being homosexuality is different.  It’s not a sin to be the way God made you, and God gave us all challenges in life. Our job in life is to work to overcome those challenges, whatever they are.  Also note, God does not expect us to be perfect.  He expects us to keep trying.  It’s those who keep earnestly trying that attain heaven.

So, in Michael Sam’s case, I don’t hold his sexuality against him.  I could care less.  It is amazing that on the third day of the draft, when most of the players, for the moment, anyway, are anonymous to the general public (me), that there were rolling cameras in Michael Sam’s environs (wherever he was), surrounding him and his contingent, and hoping for something newsworthy.  I think they expected him to show some PDA with his boyfriend.  Again, I don’t care that he’s gay.  Frankly, it’s none of my business who he kisses, or what he does behind closed doors.  And frankly, it’s the same (for me) with all celebrities.  I don’t care about Beyoncé and JZ, although we were treated to the brawl in the elevator that someone had the idea to publicize.  I don’t care who So-and-so is dating, and so on.  I like seeing, for example, Steffie Graf and Andre Agassi, their children and their charity work, because it makes me respect them.  But I don’t want to see grainy photos of someone sunbathing at the pool in Monte Carlo.  I really don’t get involved in people’s private lives, unless they’re there to explain it, like the reality show Alaska the Last Frontier…

Anyway, back from the weeds…Why does this stuff make the news???  Why does a lot of stuff make the news??? I’m tired of so much of the news, I tend to tune it out.  So good luck to Michael Sam.  I think your fellow players are going to give you more grief than the media.  But I’m going to make it a point to try not to watch any St. Louis Rams games for the foresee-able future.  And, for the record, I didn’t watch Ravens games just because of Michael Oher.  I know, I spelled it wrong…

2 thoughts on “More controversy

  1. I wish Mr Sam the best but if I read these comments correctly we should keep our mouths shut and say it’s ok for young children who watch garbage like this it’s ok and acceptable behavior because of the times we live in?

  2. No, I don’t think so. We need to teach our children according to our sensibilities. I would tell my grandchildren and great-grandchildren that, while homosexuality is a reality, we don’t have to accept it as ‘normal’. I would make it a point to live by the motto ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’. Nor should we put down someone because of the way God made them. The thing is, it’s the person who ultimately must deal with himself. I don’t have to do anything but look at him as a man, and if I do more than that (either as holding him up or putting him down), I’m engaging in sinful behavior myself. We’re not supposed to judge others, until we’re perfect ourselves.

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