Cliven Bundy’s comments are not racist…

I don’t care what David Webb, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, or Dan Loesch (or anyone else) say about what Mr. Bundy said-they’re not racist comments.  I might say that they’re poorly crafted.  But Mr. Bundy was saying that the government has, through its overreach, taken people out of one slavery and placed them in another.


The media has mischaracterized what he meant.  Given, he’s not an experienced public speaker.  Given, he should probably not be speaking off the cuff (anyone who’s heard what they do to the Pope’s off-the-cuff remarks should realize).  But he’s not racist.  He’s speaking of government overreach.  He’s speaking of a government who freed slaves, and 100 years later, the descendants of those freed slaves are living on government subsidy, with no job, and no way out.

He didn’t say anything like “I wish they’d all go back to being slaves.” Far from it.  He actually seems to be concerned for people in their plight, and sees that once again, the government is doing something that government is not meant to do.

I’ve had deep disagreements with Hannity before, and stopped watching him for a while.  And if he drones on about this, I’ll stop watching again.  Cuz he tends to be repetitive.  Besides, there’s hockey playoffs, NBA playoffs, and the canonization of two popes.  Mr. Bundy was concerned about the dignity of people living too many in too small a place with nothing to do, and no incentive to get out of their plight.



2 thoughts on “Cliven Bundy’s comments are not racist…

  1. I disagree with you, David. The generalization made by Bundy is that Black people are only good for picking cotton; if Blacks can’t pick cotton, then they are likely to become welfare clients. That is a generalization and a means of propaganda. Black people are just people, just like you and me.To uphold such statements, doesn’t become you and you shouldn’t reflect this position by our Catholic faith ( I believe there was a Black in The Magi-three wise men welcomed our savior to the world, which demonstrates that the Holy Trinity is not just for one race but for all races; there are black saints – Bakhita, Efferon, black cardinals as well as black bishops). To attempt to justify Bundy’s statement is a disrespect for what Christ’s church stands for.
    Christ is of all colors and he suffered and died for all souls; he did not command his twelve disciples to spread the gospel to one race, rather to all nations. The Mother of God is the mother for all nations, not just one race. The Catholic Church is the church universal, not just the church for one race.
    This may surprise you, David: there will be Black people in God’s kingdom; so, if you plan to be part of God’s Kingdom, I should hope that you will examine yourself very carefully. There was a devil in God’s kingdom once before and he fell like lightening from the sky; there will not be anyone dwelling in God’s home who doesn’t love his neighbor. This is the second time you attempted to justify something a racist did to another person from a different race. I am very disappointed in you; for you cannot lie nor deceive Christ, The Holy Ghost, and God of the Most High- they are three in one and they have addressed Lucifer for many, many years.

    Please acknowledge your hatred and repent. Christ will come very shortly. His judgement will be everlasting. David, I fear for your very soul because you show hatred; you attempt to justify your hatred, and you attempt to influence others; the distrubing thing is: you are representing Christ’s Church.

    Janis Ernest

  2. Janis,
    You’re entitled to your opinion, but I believe actions speak louder than words, first of all, and I haven’t seen anything the man has done to be labeled a racist.

    He didn’t say that blacks are only good for picking cotton. His comment was, in my mind, targeting the government assistance programs and questioning whether the people using them are better off under the current system or slavery; that at least as slaves they had dignity in work. I don’t think you can find anywhere where the man discriminated against black people by not hiring them due to skin color, or that he did anything to suggest a hatred of black people, or anything else. What I believe is that he is not in his element. He’s not a public speaker, and shouldn’t have been having a press conference, quite honestly.

    Please do not get the impression that I believe that blacks should be relegated to picking cotton. To the degree that they earn respect (just like anyone else), they get it. In fact, I admire people like Dr. Ben Carson, who came up from the worst poverty to be a voice of reason in this country. I respect Judge Clarence Thomas, and Condoleeza Rice, as well as Cardinal Arinze, to name a few. I do not admire them because of their skin color, but because of their accomplishments.

    Finally, I believe that people make mistakes, and when they do, they can repent. If he said something he shouldn’t have, he can examine his own conscience and apologize. If he’s a racist, he will pay for it, but it’s not for us to judge. I don’t hate anyone, Janis. I do have a judgmental streak, which I’m working on. But I’m not racist. If you knew my background, you’d know better than to suggest it.

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