Keeping in touch with my…self

I know I have some readers, but much of the reason I write this blog is to keep a journal for myself, and to highlight some of the goings-on of the day.

I haven’t written in a while, and wanted to fill in why.  I work for a company that allows me the grace to attend Mass, and serve, nearly every day since I’ve been here.  During the last several months, since the first of the year, though, we’ve been engaged in a massive data-storage move, which involves very little impact to our customers, who depend on us to be up 24/7, 365.  There have been daily meetings taking up about 25% of the day, sometimes extending into the time envelope in which I go to Mass.  I’ve been able to attend about 40% of the time.  The project will culminate Easter Saturday.  After that, I might be able to write a little more.

I say might, because I’m also going through some health issues.  The last couple winters have been fraught with nagging pains, which tend to go away when the weather warms.  But sometimes they’re a bit concerning.  Last year I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome, but when the spring came, it disappeared and hasn’t returned.  This year, it was a bit deeper.  I had trouble sitting in some positions very long.  The pain wasn’t bad, it was just nagging.  So I went to the doctor to see if there was something that could be done.  The xrays showed moderate arthritis in spine and hips (some of which can be lessened by losing weight), but they also showed something else…I have a couple of appointments to see an internal medicine surgeon and a urologist.  The first for gall stones, the second for kidney stones.  Thankfully, there’s no stoney heart (LOL…)


Have seen several good/decent Christian movies this Lent…We saw the Son of God in the theater a week or so ago, and liked it alright.  There were a few items-Jesus was so pretty…the words weren’t exact.  But it was better than what I’ve heard about Noah…Saw another “One Night with the King”, about the Story of Esther, queen of Persia.  Very well done! And the classic…Solomon and Sheba…talk about an impressive movie!  I can recommend them all to you.

I’m reading “Heaven is for Real”, and Fr. Don Calloway’s Under the Mantle.  Planning on watching the Story of Ruth, and David and Bathsheba.  And looking forward to the new season of Deadliest Catch.


What say you???

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