I know, it’s a TV show. But have you noticed that some production companies are starting to go back to the conservative side, with moral compasses and all?

This is the one network television show that I will watch, but others are coming. More on that later. I like that the characters in the show are conflicted with the situations life throws at them. But they always seem to come out with the right solution.

In the most recent show, Danny, the older brother who’s an active cop, gets a case of child abduction, years after working another such case, which is never solved. Erin, the divorced mom of a teenage girl, comes home from work to find the daughter studying in her bedroom with a boy she likes. It’s obvious they weren’t just studying. The younger brother gets hit on by a beautiful bike rider who’s passing fake bills, and uses her to bust a counterfeiter. Both brothers have attractive female partners who might as well be men, for the lack of any sexual tension. The Dad deflects every and any possibly bad thing that comes his way.

The decisions they all struggle with are real ones, and I know it’s kinda fairy-tale. But we need to watch people struggling with decisions like this, rather than taking the easy way out. The teen daughter, even though most of her friends have been drunk, had sex, tried drugs, etc. has been brought up by a close knit family who helps her discern the right answers to her questions. She’s got a group of flawed humans who know how to say just enough of the right thing to put her in the right direction without just telling her she can’t do something.

I wish I had had parents that explained stuff to me, even if I wasn’t really ready to listen. If my dad told me the value of working, and giving your best for the money you earn; if I had been taught the discipline of practicing a musical instrument was something I’d need to know throughout my life…wow. Of course, I wasn’t listening, so can’t blame it all on them. I wanted to do what I wanted to do because I wanted to do it. I was a straight A student for 6 years, and then decided I didn’t want to work anymore, and just let myself slide. Always wanting the easy way. Something looked attractive as a past-time, but if I had to work at it, no, it wasn’t for me. I’m glad I finally grew up. Maybe I should not have needed to be told the obvious. But I did need it. I learned that lesson eventually…

Regarding the other moral television coming out, I’ve heard that NBC will be doing a series based on Church History…NBC picks up where Son of God left off…Coming your way in 2015. People (not Catholics) often forget that the Crucifixion was just the beginning…

What say you???

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