Be prepared

My wife’s ex-mother-in-law is dying, and her children aren’t handling it well.  She’s in hospice, and I found out she’s not being fed or given water.  Having agonized over Terry Schiavo, I was appalled, but there is nothing I can do but pray. Same with my wife.  But it brought up a very good question…

My mother is still alive, at 86, and I don’t have a clue what arrangements she has made, or what her wishes are.  And I must find out.  And I ask you, dear readers to be prepared.

Be prepared for your own death, by getting right with God, and letting your loved ones know what you wish.  Now’s the time to wrestle with the tough decisions.  Not when you can no longer ask the questions.  So, if you have parents, and I don’t care how old you are, on some level, you should know what your mom and dad want at the end of their life.  If your loved one goes into the hospital, I suggest that you contact your priest, or a priest, and request anointing, and depending on the seriousness, be prepared for viaticum.  Know about the funeral and burial arrangements.  And so on.

For yourself, you should let people know what your wishes are, and wrestle with the tough decisions.  In our case, we plan to be cremated immediately and we don’t plan to have a memorial service.  A funeral mass is a must, but we don’t want public mourning over us. Our priest and our Catholic funeral home know what’s going to take place, and everyone knows where our cremains will be reposed.


I hope to have this conversation with my mother this weekend, or to set up a call with her and my sister so we can both know.  I hope you might, too.


What say you???

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