The Baptism of Jesus

And so the Christmas Season ends.  Christ is born, grows up in a week or two, and goes to be baptized.  Do you realize the journey our Lord made?  Jesus went from Galilee to be baptized, a trip best estimated at about 85 miles.  Walking in the rocky, hot wilderness, with the whole purpose of being made manifest.  He was manifested three times. Once in the womb, announced to the family.  Once in the Manger, announced to the World.  And once in the Jordan, announced to the people.

I watched a presentation “The Star of Bethlehem” for the umpteenth time last night.  I always hear something new.  What came to me last night was that the Jews knew who Jesus was.  All the signs from the Scriptures pointed to Him.  Everyone knew who he was.  And still, their hearts were hard, and they killed him anyway.  Reminds me of the people who see a sign on the road that the lane will end in 5 miles, but they wait until the very last minute to merge.  Except, in this case, they didn’t merge.  They murdered Him.  Of course, it had to happen, otherwise, the heavens would not have been opened to us.  But the Jews didn’t want the inconvenience of the message Jesus was presenting to them. They wanted all the miracles, they wanted the loaves and the fishes.  But with that comes some responsibility.


It seems that people often want the effects without doing the work.  I know I did.  As a child I wanted to be a musician.  But I didn’t want to put in the painful hours of practice.  Some want to be professional athletes, without being willing to sacrifice.  But don’t we all recognize when someone does something like that?  The Olympics are coming up, and it can be noted that people practice hours every day for four years in relative obscurity, not being able to maintain a decent job (one that pays good money) because of the requirements, all for the prestige of a medal.  And possibly being nominated to be a game show host, or some years down the road, a reality TV star.

Remember the sacrifice, make the sacrifice. You will receive your reward at the appropriate time.


What say you???

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