Bonding with my granddaughter through IPhone and cooking

My granddaughters from one of my wife’s kids came by over the holidays.  Turned out the older one got married.  Parents knew, grandparents ignored. why, I don’t know.  What’s done is done.  Oldest Granddaughter came over two weeks after, and broke the news to her grandma.  Since then we’ve met the boy, taken them to dinner, and they’ve moved to SoCal.  Grandma and Granddaughter text each other pretty frequently now.

So yesterday, Granddaughter texts Grandma a recipe for a certain dish.  Says Hubby liked it so much.  Wants her to make it.  Granddaughter, to the best of my knowledge, has never cooked in her life. Grandma texts her the ingredients.  Gets a phone call an hour later: I’m in the store and looking for the ingredients.  What am I looking for?  So long distance shopping spree for the ingredients for the dish, a tart broth with meat and veggies.  So we don’t know how it turned out.  But it’s the longest conversation we’ve had with any grandchild in almost two years.


My advice to the couple was to try to put JOY into their lives- Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  Yes, it’s hard.  Granddaughter heard that, and realized how selfish she was.  I was proud to see the light dawn in her head.  Inside of me, I was wishing I wasn’t twenty years older than she is when I realized this basic tenent of marriage…

What say you???

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