Robin Roberts comes out, Duck Dynasty rebounds, and Obama is still a liar

I have always liked Robin Roberts as a reporter on ESPN, and approved of her move to ABC.  She’s a good reporter.  In the last few days, she’s come out of the closet.  Personally,  it doesn’t matter to me what a person’s sexual orientation is.  It’s none of my business.  And yet it’s all over the news.  Even Fox News, on several of it’s OpEd shows, has repeated it.  I do not care about someone’s sexuality.  That’s their business, until it’s publically announced.  And then I just have to shake my head.  I haven’t watched Robin Roberts since she left ESPN.  Mostly because GMA comes on after the time I leave for work.  But this news doesn’t have any bearing on her job, or anything else about her, except her mortal soul.  If someone recognizes that they have a problem, and seeks help, it’s a different story.  But when someone makes a public statement about themselves, in a take it or leave it fashion, all I can do is shrug my shoulders.

On a similar note, A&E has reinstated Duck Dynasty.  I’m dumbfounded.  Actually, I’m surprised a bit.  Had I been the DD crew, I might have told them to take a hike, and gone to a network more in line with my values.  I’m sure there are Christian based networks that would love to have them.  Besides, A&E’s programming is all about being a gawker.  You have all the folks that are different from the main stream, and we watch them live their lives, a la Jersey Shore.  As in the above paragraph, I don’t like it when they get too personal.

See, when you dive too deep into anyone, any human body, eventually you find the dirt.  We all have it.  Not to say that Phil said anything wrong.  He stated his opinion.  He didn’t denegrate gays, blacks or anyone else.  He called non-marital sex a sin.  When asked to elaborate, he compared it, as an act, to bestiality.  Sex outside of marriage, which would include bestiality, is a sin.  Then he said something about the black people he worked with in the 60’s not being worried about the racial environement.  And that’s the way it was for most.  You took the cards you were dealt and you played them.  If you were in a position to make life better for the average person, you did.  That was Martin Luther King’s role.  But as an every-day worker in the field, you didn’t worry about sharing rest rooms with white people, or whatever.

I’ve been aruging with some folks about minimum wage.  They say that minimum wage isn’t fair to people.  But don’t you think it’s more than fair to someone who doesn’t have a job?  Having a job and earning a check is better than not having a job and not earning a check.  I believe that minimum wage is not supposed to be for someone to make their living.  It’s a first step.  So no, I’m against it in principal.  And against raising it.  I believe it’s a person’s responsibility to move themselves up in the world.  Yes, we should help those who cannot help themselves.  But if I give $100 to the government in taxes to support the welfare state, about $25 of it actually gets to the hands of the poor, whereas if I give $100 to a food bank, most of it gets to the poor.  It’s more efficient in private hands.

And lastly, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, but we’ll pump him for every ounce of information on you, and limit what he can do to help you.


What say you???

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