Kids, about Santa Claus…

Is it lying not to tell your kids about Santa Claus. Well, first we must understand what a ‘lie’ is.  I don’t think it’s a lie to tell someone they’re beautiful if they’re not.  I also think there’s more to lying than not telling the truth.  There’s lies of omission (not telling someone something they deserve to know), there’s factual lies (telling someone you did something, or didn’t do something when the opposite is true), and flat out deception.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you get the idea.

Regarding the legend of Santa Claus, and how he appears to children today, I think it’s best not to start the idea of Santa Claus being someone who magically brings gifts on Christmas.  I think it’s better to teach about St. Nicholas, who he was, and what he did, and how he developed into Santa Claus.  And then, the spirit of Santa Claus.  Being generous with what you have.  Giving to those who don’t have.

When I was a kid, Christmas was really all about what I was going to get.  A bike (another one), and those special-type things.  Certainly, we went to Church services on Christmas.  And we acknowledged Jesus’ nativity. But that’s not what Christmas was.  And that was 40 years ago.  Christmas today is worse.  It starts at Halloween (another hijacked holy day), and it’s all about moving the economy of the country and the world.  Advent is a time to reflect and give thanks for what we have, and to share it with those who don’t have, in the spirit of St. Nicholas.  I don’t believe in a tradition that we give gifts only at certain times-Christmas, birthdays, etc.  I believe that we need to be generous with each other all year round.  I don’t give “Christmas” gifts, per se.  We indulge each other just because.  Wife told me the other week that she needs a new vacuum.  While she’s been gone, I bought one for her.  Haven’t told her about it, it’ll be a surprise.  But even if she doesn’t like it, or wants something else, it’s the thought she’ll appreciate.

May we always put Jesus first, Others second, and Yourselves last.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place? JOY to the World…


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