Pretty angry right now…

Shocked, actually.  That’s a better word.

Last year, around Pentecost, I decided to make a commitment to a church every day.  I lector, collect money, and worship.  I get exercise, and have lost a considerable amount of weight because of it.  And my spiritual exercise, too.  I’ve made acquaintances with several of the powers that be at this church.  I know the past rector, the current rector, the admin assistant, and several of the board of directors.  I felt sorry for this church because the congregation is small, and needed some people to step up to help it along.  I even wondered how it survives, based on the collection every day.

Come to find out over the weekend that there’s a public scandal in the church.  Not the clergy, as far as I know.  But a few people I know, are affected.  The admin assistant has been relieved for embezzlement, six figures.  She has now claimed that she isn’t guilty, that in fact, she’s been in a forced relationship with someone who does work at the parish.  The news decries “Racy tales of kinky sex at Church”.  This doesn’t really bother me.  Two people could concievably walk into a church and have sex there.  That doesn’t make it a Church scandal, but a scandal in the Church. (Of course, if the clergy knew about it and didn’t do something, that’s different)  But this is a case where an employee of the Church and someone who’s getting money for renovating the Church, even if they’re both Catholics, take it upon themselves to sully the reputation of the Diocese.

I’m not making any assumptions of guilt or innocence.  I don’t know if she did what she’s accused of.  I don’t know if her allegations are true.  I have a sense of the person, though.  She’s a hunk of a woman, and pretty desireable, from a male POV.  But I know she has a child to take care of, and I think she takes that into consideration in her personal life.  I don’t know her, per se.  I don’t know any of these people, per se.  All I really know is that someone disappeared mysteriously (not so mysteriously anymore), and now the church is all over the news.


I’m going to go to Mass every day I can, just as I have.  I’m not going to let this affect me or my spirituality.  That is not affected.  I think the powers that be in the diocese and the church are straight up, but some folks were taking advantage of the situation.  But that’s all outside of worship, which is why I’m involved there.  Sometimes, you just don’t want to know the details, it’s better to stay on the surface, bobbing along.  Last night, we went to an appearance of the cast of a Filipino soap opera.  We left disappointed, for some of the same reasons.  We had a limited time, had to leave at a certain time, and waited for the cast to arrive.  They were late, and we didn’t get to enjoy the appearance-they came in, waved a bit, and sat down to eat.  Got some footage, but overall, just had to leave before they got into the appearance.  I believe it’s better for us not to know too much about some people’s lives.  I think if people knew my past, they’d have a different opinion of me.  I used to be a different person than I am now (If you read way back, you can see what I mean).  But it’s funny how many people are really into gossip.  They want to know all the gorey details.  I just don’t.  I like a lot of athletes, but I don’t care to know who they’re dating.  I like how a lot of celebrity women look, but realize it’s makeup and facade.  There’s a few people I know, but even them, some things I don’t want to know, and I’m sure they’d be uncomfortable if I knew everything.

We’re all fallen.  Every one of us since the history of time, except for two-Jesus, and Mary.  And Mary is sinless by God’s grace…

What say you???

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