Alaska Thanksgiving

I really love Alaska, the Wild Frontier.  It’s a show about people living in Alaska, off the grid, more or less, fending for themselves.  Yes, they did build that!

Anyway, Sunday, they had the Thanksgiving show.  The show was about how they obtained everything on their table.  And they thanked everything for providing for them.  Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is for? To give thanks to God for His providence?

So they started digging in to the turkey.  One of the boys talks about how they buy two turkey chicks every spring, and raise them to full size over the summer, then prepare them for their feasts.  They name one “Thanksgiving” and one “Christmas”.  They raise them all summer, feeding and keeping them growing, and then, when the time comes, they chop off the heads, pluck the feathers, bleed the birds, and prepare them for the freezer.  Next, they talked about the black-bear stew, and how they hunted for the meat and caught it.  These folks use everything they can-the fur, the meat, and whatever else.  But they have to go twenty miles away, hunt down a bear, shoot it, and field-clean it, then carry it home.  There were segments about ducks, including how they found a fertile egg inside the mother, and incubated it and grew a live duck; there was a segment about a cow that grew too old to survive the winter happily-they showedn how the shot it in the head, no suffering, and put away the meat and the hide; there was the brown bear that was killed because it was attacking the family heard of cattle. Then there was the pumpkin pie, from pumpkins grown on the homestead; the honey used to glaze things; the salmon that they smoked; and so on.

People don’t seem to remember the way it used to be, and how great we have it now, where all you gotta do is risk yourself in traffic, avoid an accident, and go to the store to get their meat and veggies.  I hope this show becomes a staple, because it is a good glimpse of what happens in places where there is no Safeway, Kroger, or Publix.


What say you???

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