A few miscellaneous things:

Did anyone watch the dramatization of the Challenger accident inquiry?  I found it fascinating.  And it’s funny how God works (again).  I picked up a book by Herman Wouk of War and Remembrance fame, called “The Language God Talks”.  It’s about the Space Program.  The language God talks is Calculus, but Mr. Wouk was trying to make sense of the universe for himself, a Jew who studies the Talmud, but who is more of a scholar about it.  In the book he interfaces with many brilliant scientists, all involved in the study of the universe.  He drops names like Edwin Hubble, and others, but one name came back to hit me in the movie on Saturday night: Richard Feynman.  Mr. Feynman was the one who discovered that the material the failed o-rings were made of was not elastic at cold temperatures, and solved the problem of why Sally Ride and the rest of the Challenger crew died.  It was partially a need to stay ahead in the “Space Race”, and partially a budgetary issue.  Anyway, I thought it was funny that a man I never heard of popped up in my life twice in about two weeks…

Secondly, I watched a video http://screen.yahoo.com/flip-side/flip-side-sexy-030000502.html which showed just how stupid guy’s attitudes towards women are when presented from the other side.  And yesterday, I was in the doctor’s office for a checkup, and the doctor wanted an EKG done, and this pretty young nurse came in to prep me, and asked me to take off my shirt.  As I was doing so, I reflected how the entertainment industry would turn this into a sexual encounter, and then I thought about how professionals are supposed to act, well, professional in their business dealings.  I’m sure the nurse had no interest in ‘checking me out’, or even if she did, she’s professional enough to not let it into her mind.  And I have to remember, if and when I get ordained, that professional demeanor is very important.  Regardless of how you might like how so-and-so looks, you’re supposed to keep it professional.  I always try to remember that people have parents, and families that depend on them, and that I do as well.  And in the real world, if you watch the link, you see how ridiculous many men are.

What say you???

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