What does it take to get to heaven?

Let’s put it into a real world scenario:  You’re a member of a professional football team, and your team goal is to win the Super Bowl.  How do you get from a group of guys playing a game to a cohesive unit with the Lombardi Trophy come February?

Well, it starts with years and years of building your body.  It’s almost an obsession.  At least four hours a day of lifting, both for strength and endurance, and then there’s the plyometrics, training your body to do things.  There’s the diet, sleep habits, personal habits, and so on.  So, how serious would you take a football athlete who didn’t spend a great portion of his life sacrificing his time and energy to meeting these goals he aspires to?  If I was a personal trainer, and someone came to me and said they wanted a great body, but then asked “So what’s the least I have to do to get it?”, I would question the committment.  Wouldn’t you?

And, if I, as personal trainer, were to ask someone what committment they were willing to give to get to their goal, and they told me, “an hour a week, with corners cut on either end, and an attitude of wanting it to just pass by, with an attitude of a kid being forced to eat brussels sprouts”, I would also question their committment.

So why is it that people who say they worship God treat Mass that way?  Many people today are looking for the least they can do to get by.  Some of them figure that they’re headed for purgatory anyway, so why strive for heaven?  The problem is, if you aim for purgatory, what happens if you miss?  If you have a redundant system, and the system fails to the redundant system, doesn’t it behoove you to get the other system working, at least as a backup?

So, encourage people to give more.  Encourage people to do more.  It’s the least you can do…


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