A novel idea regarding Marriage in the Catholic Church

I read a story this weekend in the National Catholic Register about a couple’s marriage preparation. And I thought, wow, what a beautiful way to start a marriage.  The bride goes on to describe how preparation for the wedding was less important than preparation for married life.

The evening of the wedding rehearsal, after rehearsal, they held a Holy Hour, complete with Eucharistic Exposition, and prayer.  Before the wedding, in the preparation room for the bride and bride’s maids, they prayed the rosary, and at the same time, across town, the groom and all the groomsmen, also prayed the rosary.  And then, before the actual wedding, the bride’s maids all laid hands on the bride, and prayed that God would sanctify their marriage.

I wish all Catholic weddings could be this way!  Wedding on the beach, no! Wedding while sky diving or scuba diving? No!  A solemn, holy day.  A recent wedding I attended was ok, about a 5 or 6 on the scale, I guess, maybe as low as a 4.  I think they were more worried about the show.  The bride wanted a tune from a vampire movie playing as she “marched”.  The rehearsal dinner was at a strip mall Chinese restaurant.  They put more thought into the limo for the wedding party to go to the church than they did into the music and liturgy.  In fact, they didn’t think the limo through, because I taxied some of the children to the reception because there weren’t enough seats in the limo…the bride didn’t even know what song was playing when she walked down the aisle, and most of the wedding party was outside on the church steps sucking on e-cigarettes.  Many times, the priest had to quiet the wedding party because they were loud, no sense of solemnity.

I’m hoping my diocese begins a new diaconate discernment, because, if, for no other reason than to teach young couples what marriage means, I am burning to be called to serve.


3 thoughts on “A novel idea regarding Marriage in the Catholic Church

  1. I know what you mean. I have seen it. I find that many couples rush into marriage to have the fantasy of married life. They do not plan big for their marriage or take the time to really prep. They often do the bare minimums of what the diocese wants and no more. I do appericate you blogging.

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