Praying for the earthquake victims in Bohol, Philippines

There has been a 7.2 Richter scale earthquake centered in the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, in the Philippines.  The good news is that there are, at this time, less than 100 dead, though the number will climb.  Let’s pray for those souls.  At the same time, there’s been quite a loss to the Church.  Five major church buildings on the island have been damaged

Churches in Bohol

Loboc, Bohol, Philippines – Parish of Saints Peter and Paul
Loon Church -church of our Lady of Light -Bohol
Dauis, Bohol, Philippines – Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption
Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines – Parish of Oour Lady of the Immaculate Conception 
(The Philippines’ second oldest church, it was completed in 1727)
Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines – Parish of Saint Monica
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines- Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Worker

Churches in Iloilo


Baclayon Church before



Loay Church



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