Cleaning house

So the spirit moves you, and you decide to clean your house, once and for all.  You get rid of junk,organize the house from top to bottom, and clean it, top to bottom.  There now. Done.  For a while, you’re conscious of all the work you did to get the house clean, inside and out, and you make every attempt to not mess it up.  You put stuff back where you got it, you keep the furniture dusted, you mow the lawn as needed, clean the pool.  Your house looks like it could be in Architectural Digest.  Shining floors, sparkling windows, not a speck of dust anywhere.  Eventually, something happens to interrupt your cleaning schedule.  The dog has puppies, one of your children gets sick, whatever it is, but you can’t clean like you normally would, and the house gets a little dirty.  Maybe you let the dust go by for a few days.  Things happen-you have to work late, your spouse goes out of town to see her Mom, a fieldtrip for the kids, and the house looks a little worse for wear.  And frankly, you’re too tired to muscle up again to get it back in order.  As the house gets dirtier, you leave the magazines laying out of place, the kids leave the clothes strewn about, and eventually your house looks like you wouldn’t want to invite anyone but your dearest friends.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a lot like this, and if you don’t schedule time to clean your house, it will get dirtier and dirtier.  You don’t like a dirty house, why do you like your soul to be dirty?  If you make a regular appointment to go to confession, eventually, you will get to the point where you are remembering the smallest of sins, and getting clean of them, so that you only have those recurring ones we all have to work on for our lives.  It also makes you more sensitive to the dirt that inevitably comes in, and we all know it’s easier to clean up a little mess than a big one.  Don’t worry about who you go to for confession.  It doesn’t matter if the priest knows you, in fact, it’s a good thing.  If the priest knows you, he can help you overcome those hurdles you find difficult.  I once asked a priest why I am always confessing the same sins, and the priest asked me “Why, do you think you should be confessing different sins?”  No, these hurdles are part of our make-up.  And the priest, unless it’s his first month on the job, you can bet he’s heard it all.  You’re not that original.  So go ahead.  Make an appointment.  Seek spiritual guidance.  It’s a lot like hiring a house-keeper to take care of your house.


What say you???

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