Weddings and party

Went to a couple of weddings this past weekend. I’m not real sure why the difference, but in one case, the bride is Filipina, with strong traditional upbringing, the bridegroom is a convert, and she wouldn’t have married him if he had not converted. He converted. Out of an RCIA class (where I met him, and her and her dad) he was part of, I believe he is the only active Catholic. At any rate, the wedding party, the bride’s maids and the groomsmen, were all clean-cut, well dressed, and showed lots of class. The guy works for Fedex, so it’s not really a matter of social class, she’s a social worker.

The second couple, I’m the Godparent, but I was appalled at the behavior of the couple, the bridesmaids (not so much), and the groomsmen. They were very loud, not reverent at all, and acted like gangstas. The girls mostly had tattoos, and acted with no sense of decorum. The guys were worse. Many of them pulled out these e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine without the harmful smoke, and smoked them on the very threshold of the church. Many of us adults (I say that because there was definitely multiple generations…30-somethings and their children, and their parents…) came together at a memorial on Sunday afternoon, and the immediate children showed up. Witnessing the aftermath was very telling about what went on after we left…the bride told us she didn’t remember the wedding march, or the end of the reception…I’m a little disappointed, needless to say, and need to work with them…


What is it about these e-cigs? I saw a lot of 20s and 30s smoking them.  They look like bongs.  I wonder what was in them.  But I just don’t get them at all.


What say you???

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