Channeling Matthew Kelly

I saw Matthew Kelly at a half day seminar a few weeks ago, and I’ve been devouring his books.  Literally devouring.  How is this possible? Books can be expensive.  Well, let me tell you.  You can buy the hard-cover volumes for $20-25 each.  That’s a great way to support his ministry, especially when you buy from his website  But if you can’t afford it, or if you read one of the hard covers and want to spread his message, you can do that, too.  You can order any book they sell for free, just pay the shipping of $5.95 per book.  Or, if you buy six of them, it’s $18 and shipping is included.  Matthew is very motivated to get the message out.  And not worried so much about making money.  Great for gift giving…I recently loaned my parish priest the hardcover of Four Signs of Dynamic Catholics.  He told me Sunday he owed me my book back, because he ordered his own.  And he’s going to plan to see him in December.  I ordered a set of six Rediscovering Catholicism, I’m reading one, I put one in the vestibule at Church, and I’m giving one or two away.  It’s a great way to evangelize.

The Church is suffering from a lack of identity today.  The world is more aware of priest scandals and Vatican Bank scandals than they are about knowing the truth about the Church.  The truth is that there is nothing wrong with Catholicism that cannot be fixed by what is right with Catholicism.  The Catholic Church feeds, houses, and clothes more people in the world than any other entity on earth.  We started the hospital system, and the modern education system.  We ministered to AIDS patients in Africa before the world knew what AIDS is.

You can find out where he’s appearing, and I highly recommend you attend.  There’s a ticket charge, but you get it all back in materials.  For my California friends, he’s going to be in San Jose  Dec 7, and Thousand Oaks Jan.11.

What say you???

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