Quiet down, folks!

CS Lewis, among his writings, wrote a series of articles for a newspaper.  The compilation of those articles is called the Screwtape Letters.  In one scene, the junior devil is plotting how to hook victims, and the senior devil tells him not to work too hard.  He says “Our plan is to create so much noise in the world that Man can no longer hear the voice of his God.”

Try to spend some time in the Classroom of Silence.  Put away your cell phone, your laptop, your electronic devices.  Pretend you’re in an airplane and all you have to do is think.  Confront yourself.  Look yourself in the eye, and learn about your weaknesses.  This is one of the greatest things I have ever learned:  Successful people are successful because they know their weaknesses and take them head-on.


Michael Jordan says he missed thousands of shots, lost hundreds of games, was entrusted with the ball for the shot to win the game, and failed many times.  Do you think Michael Jordan was a failure?


Clarity emerges from Silence.  The best place to take your silent time, if you can, is inside a Church, in front of the Tabernacle.  Do yourself a favor, try this for a month, every day.  See if you don’t start becoming the Best Version of Yourself God wants you to be.


5 thoughts on “Quiet down, folks!

  1. We have to schedule it, Janice. If you don’t, it won’t just happen. It’s like making an appointment. There’s a technique to doing it, which I may ponder and post in the near future, but you have to be able to block out any distractions. That 10 minute visit with Our Lord in the Church sounds good, doesn’t it?

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