Being a Godparent

As I said before, I have been asked to be a Godparent (sponsor) to a young couple that’s getting married. We met a week ago at a restaurant just to get to know each other a little, because I barely know either one, though I know the parents pretty well. The reason I was chosen is the desire of the mother of the groom that a “holy man” be involved with them. I cough at that designation, cuz I don’t think I’m that ‘holy’, though I strive to be.

In the tradition of the culture they come from, the Godparents typically shower gifts when a child is born or on an anniversary, and such, and the rest of the time are just ‘friends’ or ‘uncles and aunts’. I explained to them that, to the extent they want it, I’m a hands-on guy when it comes to the Catholic faith.

Yesterday we met more intimately, at home over dinner, and afterward we had a discussion. Again, I told them I’m not there to drive them, but to challenge them. I told them that, if they want a sacramental Catholic marriage, they have to live by (at least) the precepts of the faith-go to Mass weekly (as opposed to weakly ), partake of the sacraments, and lead their children in the faith (yes, there’s already children-she has three, and one of them is his…). Also, they live together, and at our first meeting, the bride-to-be asked me if they needed to go to Confession before they get married, of course I said they should…last night, I breached the topic of Confession, and what it’s supposed to be-that you acknowledge your sins, you’re sorry for them, and you will try to not do them again. And then I brought up their current living situation. I was very
delicate. I didn’t give the radical suggestion that they live in separate dwellings, or even rooms. I did suggest that they confess any sexual sins, and from that time until the wedding, they live without having intimate relations…it actually was received very well. Pastorally, I suggested that
they had to pray about when to go to Confession, knowing about this sacrifice, for it will be a sacrifice. I told them that they could confess it the day before their wedding, spend a celibate night, and start with a clean slate. I said that it would show God a firm purpose of amendment, though, if they went to confession tomorrow, and were celibate for the 7 weeks until their marriage. I said I expected the answer to be somewhere in between for them, but to pray on it…
The meeting went well. I challenged them to start going to Mass, and also to start being ministers of the faith to their children.

This is an exciting thing for me, and I hope I can lead this family to a path that’s right for them.

Next up, I plan to help them celebrate their Wedding Mass-really celebrate-get involved with the Liturgy, choose appropriate readings, and music…


2 thoughts on “Being a Godparent

  1. Surrogate mother,…she still had to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour,,repent of her sins etc…

    She certainly had other offspring too.

  2. Real mother. Joseph was the surrogate. She acknowledged Jesus when she said yes to God. Her sinlessness was through nothing she did, it came from God. We know she was sinless, for God will not countenance sin, and he spent the first 9 months inside Mary’s womb.

    Mary had no offspring. There’s nothing in the Bible that says she did.

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