Total consecration to Christ

We all know what tithing is.  I’m not going to be the one to set a percentage, but it is setting a side a portion of your self to God.  Not just your earnings-you can’t just throw money to your church and be done with it.  It’s everything.  I think it’s a good practice to set aside a chunk of each day to God-time, talent, and treasure.  All of it devoted to worshipping God.  How many of us can say that we devote 10% (as an example) of our life to God?  Think about it-that’s 16.8 hours a week-two work days out of every week.  Most of us go to Mass, begrudgingly, an hour a week.  And I’m not saying that an hour a week is too much or enough.  It’s attitude-what do you freely give to the God you profess to worship?

Not everyone can afford to give 10% of their earnings or time or talent.  To paraphrase a Fox News host, and for you to determine, what is your baseline of giving, in each area?  What percentage is enough?  Start there.  If it’s an hour a week of time, an hour a week of talent, and an hour a week of treasure, you’re starting at 3 hours.  So, if you make $20/hour, you give $20 a week.  You use your talent an hour a week at church.  If you’re a gardener, you lend your hour a week to gardening the church grounds.  And then comes your talent-what are you good at doing in your leisure?  Do you sing in the shower? Join the choir! Do you like to read? Do it aloud as a lector.  Are you friendly? Be a greeter.  Help with something.  Got a plan, now, for your stewardship?  Good!

Now the next challenge-find a way, once you’re comfortable with what you give, to deepen it.  How do you give your $20 a week?  Are you sacrificing something to be able to put money in the collection?  If not, try to sacrifice something-one lunch a week.  Fast one lunch a week, and give what you didn’t spend along with your $20.  Extend your landscaping time at Church too.  And just keep doing that.  As long as you’re cheerful.  Remember, every breath is a gift from God.  So He owns it all.  Be cheerful and share your gifts with those who have less than you do.  And dedicate every moment of that to Christ.


Have a great weekend.


What say you???

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