Becoming a Godparent

I found out yesterday that I’m going to be a Ninong.  A cousin of my wife’s ex-husband, whom we’ve known for years, wants me to be a Godparent for her son and prospective daughter-in-law.  I’m honored.  For one, I’m Kano (White), and usually this honor is given to relatives and 99% of the time, in my experience, they’re Pinoy/Pinay.

I’m going to meet the happy couple for the first time early next week.  My intention is to find out what they got in their pre-Cana meetings, so I can give them good solid Catholic counsel.  Being the first time, I’m really taking this seriously, as should any ninong or ninang.  If you’re the baptismal Godparents or the wedding Godparents, being a Godparent is serious business.  It’s not just about showering with gifts.  It’s supposed to help the child or couple in their discernment of what the sacrament means…  I’ll keep my journey notes on here, as I’ve done with all my faith-journey notes.  Any advice from anyone, I’d appreciate.


What say you???

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