Modesty in worship


My comment on the article above:

The first woman in tank and workout gear…Why not bring a cover-up, like you would if you were at the beach?  A long-sleeve light button-up shirt and a wrap-around skirt would go a long way…

To the women who are offended by the suggestion that modesty makes them more of a person, I wonder…Years ago, you didn’t want to be objectified. Now it’s ok???

Ladies, I’m not suggesting, nor are most people, that you have to dress up to the top of the neck and down covering your ankles.  What I am suggesting is just to put a little thought into going to Mass.  Even if you’re on your way to the beach the moment you’re done receiving our Lord, you can cover up.  For men, too, show a little respect, don’t wear running shorts.  You’re going to worship the God whom the universe cannot contain, and His son…


2 thoughts on “Modesty in worship

  1. If you wouldn’t wear it out to a nice restaurant, then it has no place at Holy Mass. The only exceptions are people who are truly in dire need and who shouldn’t be excluded from Mass because they only have the tattered clothing on their backs. The rest of us can find something suitable, whether it be from the thrift store, hand-me-downs, discount department store or high end designer stores.

  2. This the Lord’s house and all people should be properly dressed and keep our mouths shut. This is not a bar etc.

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